Example sentences of "it [be] [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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31 When it 's time for you to go , then you must go .
32 And now I think it 's time for you to move in . ’
33 Anyway Douglas it 's time for you to go and have your next injection is n't it ?
34 Britain may have to bide it 's time for it 's next tennis hero …
35 It 's time for your bed . ’
36 It 's time for your bus , ’ he said .
37 Then her breath caught as he turned , unexpectedly , to look at her , inviting her with one of his soft , easy smiles , ‘ I think it 's time for my walk along the beach before bedtime .
38 ‘ Nothing now , Thorny , it 's time for my sleep .
39 No doubt it 's time for my departure . ’
40 Another feeling , which is much more likely if you talk about my character , would be that I ca n't give anything more to this ensemble , that it 's time for someone fresher to guide these people in the right direction .
41 It 's time for our game . ’
42 Welcome back : And it 's time for our third and last look backstage at the hit musical Barnum .
43 It 's time for us to close now , love . ’
44 I suppose if you were either one of them it would be nice but I 'd go out and say to them , ‘ David , it 's time for us to do a vocal now ’ and Angie would say , ‘ Oh , Davey Wavey , do you have to leave me now ? ’ , to which he 'd reply , ‘ Oh , Angie Pangie , I suppose I do — old Uncle Tony wants me in the studio . ’
45 It 's time for us to join the fight … and the best way to fight is education … ’
46 It 's tea-time for my pet rabbit .
47 It 's tea-time for my pet scorpion .
48 It 's tea-time for my pet amoeba. 23a .
49 It is nonsense for us to debate such matters in Committee for an hour and a half and then , at the end of the debate , we vote not on the merits of the matter but on whether it has been considered .
50 Kenny does the same , and he relates animal wants to Aristotle 's notion of epithumia , or sensual desire : ‘ It is felt desire , and it is desire for something now , desire which is more or less continuously felt until it is satisfied ( like hunger , sleepiness , thirst ) ’ ( 1975 : 49 ) .
51 These three vices are universally regarded as so detrimental to a horse , and so incurable , that if one is detected in a horse soon after it has been sold at a reputable horse auction , it is grounds for its sale to be cancelled .
52 It is tuition for her and helps her to get over a lot of barriers about performing live in front of demanding and sometimes difficult audiences .
53 He must be able to stamp his authority not only on his team but on the peloton as a whole , directing the whole tenor of the race before it is time for him to go to the front and win .
54 ‘ Maybe it is time for me to get angry and fight back at those who are fighting me , ’ she said .
55 You must excuse me now , Isabel , it is time for my rest . ’
56 Then it is time for it to find a suitable spot to turn into a chrysalis .
57 It is time for you to be down to sleep Janet ’ said her Dad .
58 ‘ My father 's old housekeeper — he and she grew old together — has a daughter who needs to make money ; , she lives in Nile Street , and if you were to say that I sent you , she might well be glad to put you up till it is time for you to go to Oxford . ’
59 It is time for you to serve me . ’
60 It is time for us to thank .
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