Example sentences of "you just [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 You just fill a form in .
32 And then when you 've finished doing it you just fill a book in .
33 You just draw a line of best fit you know line of best fit through erm all the points well
34 Rachel , Ian , Gary , Pete , just those four of you , if you just draw a house , please ,
35 The official was saying , ‘ Now wait a minute , you just wait a minute , ’ and put his arm out right across the open doorway .
36 ‘ Oh well , as you like — you just looked a bit whacked — off you go then .
37 They tell people , ‘ You just get a truck . ’
38 So , you just get a spirit
39 We you just get a phone call from us that says , Here 's here 's your next assignment .
40 Yeah , but if you tell them you wo n't , you just get a caution in n it ?
41 A pound so let's say you just get a pound .
42 I 'll persuade everyone to vote for you just get a job with .
43 You just get a feeling that one actor is going to give you that certain something which you 're looking for .
44 you just get a picture of that pad there
45 That was very planned , and , and on that subject of planned and set up clips , I know er it may be tempting for people to do that , er but can I just say that we , you just get a gut reaction for anything that 's planned , it might even be cleverly done , but you ca n't actually rationalise it , you just know if something 's not , not real , not , not accidental , so er I would n't really encourage people to , to do set up pieces .
46 and as soon as it comes out you just fire a ball of string , yeah , and that way it ca n't fall down cos you 've got
47 You just keep a note of it and
48 You … you just look a bit strange , that 's all .
49 You just look a mess .
50 Why do n't you just take a case of it , one of those cases home , one of the empty empty cases ?
51 Is it going to be the same one , or are you just announcing a squad ?
52 you just dream a lot
53 I mean the beautiful thing about Micromail is y you can get a a a a message up , you can immediately copy it to three other people , or thirty other people if you wish , erm and you can reply to it instantly without having to , you know y you just type a message in and press the button , and it 's gone .
54 A woman with all her baggage and a raucous infant in a wire buggy wheeled it over my foot , and a woman in a yellow overall rushed out of a shop yelling , ‘ Did you just buy a Scrabble game ? ’
55 You just buy a machine gun .
56 Ca n't you just get a train into London ?
57 Oh , ah , oops careful , cos you just spilt a load of stuff on the table
58 The first time saw you with Clapton , you just used a guitar straight into a Boogie .
59 ‘ In terms of hardware , you just needed a couple of PCs and a good modem with ample error correction to use a standard telephone line , ’ said , a former director in a large Home Counties-based software company who last year gave up commuting weekly from his home in Drumnadrochit , near Inverness , to set up his own business , Software Technology , developing customised local networks software for the clients of large original equipment manufacturers .
60 And then you just do a run , you do n't have to go on to print it at all you just print it off .
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