Example sentences of "i 'll have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 Yeah I 'll have a word with Stu but i mean he 's gon na be that busy today .
32 I 'll have a word with her if you send her along , once the plastering 's taken care of . ’
33 If you 've got a minute you could fill up the coffee machine again , and I 'll have a word with Jerry when I get back down . ’
34 I 'll have a word with Fiona .
35 I think it might be a good id , I do n't know whether , Lisa would like it better if you would let her know and let her get Kev talking on it , which perhaps be a better idea if she was in on it , but I 'll , I 'll have a word with her
36 I 'll have a word with her when she 's awake , she 's still on a third dream I should think at the moment but she 's er , certainly good talking , I could , I could try and get her without her knowing about it and see what happens , just dinner time I 'll take it down and try it , oh you 're gon na take it round Steve 's ai n't you ?
37 I 'll have a word then I 'll give you a ring tomorrow
38 I 'll have a word with Roger .
39 I 'll have a word with him .
40 I 'll have a word with him .
41 and er , I said well look I 'll have a word with the erm , with and see if he can think of anything that might
42 I 'll have a word with the doctor .
43 I 'll have a word with the doctor .
44 I 'll have a word with Donna tomorrow see we , if she thinks it 's a good idea
45 You do n't have to actually look at the price list and say oh well I 'll have a back and shoulder massage , which is ten pound , you do n't have to have anything for ten pound , you can have it as little as five pounds , two pound fifty , we do n't mind , it can go towards a treatment .
46 And I 'll have a pastis … ‘
47 I 'll have a queen four , king ten and four in .
48 I do n't know the final figure until the presentation which is in July and once that 's done I 'll have a certificate for .
49 Now I 've done it — I 'll have a fight on my hands and we 'll get chucked out of the café and be arrested for Causing an Affray !
50 I 'll have a couple of drinks to give me Dutch courage , then I 'll join you .
51 Reflecting on the way ahead he said : ‘ I 'll have a couple of low-key junior games with North and see how it goes .
52 So I said I 'll have a couple of th they I said .
53 I got a chicken from there other day , I went for a joint of pork I thought oh I 'll have a couple of them joints , fetch a couple back and er I says it 's not Christmas now you know .
54 I 'll have a conversation . ’
55 I 'll have a brandy . ’
56 Me friend over in Norway , she said she 's she got over there and sat down and she thought , yes , she 's got the Complete Works of Shakespeare , I 'll have a whale of a time trying to read it , she picks up the book , it 's all in Norwegian .
57 And you grabbed a piece of somebody 's dumpling and said , oh I 'll have a bite of that .
58 I 'll have a stroll , ’ said the woman , ‘ have n't taken any exercise all day . ’
59 when people are sitting there and thinking oh yes I 'll have a storage heater , you keep lovely and warm you get your bill at the end , a few hundred pound er
60 I 'll have a whisky , neat , and this lady here will have a gin and lime . ’
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