Example sentences of "i have just [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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31 I HAVE JUST RETURNED from a trip to Norway , a country I find like an exaggerated version of Scotland — bigger mountains , wider moorland , wilder scenery and more extreme temperatures .
32 I have just returned from today 's match dazed and confused .
33 Sir , I have just returned from a full week in Belgrade and would like to seek comment and clarification on the information and knowledge sanctions which are now being imposed on Serbia .
34 I HAVE JUST returned from a visit to my landlord , Mr Heathcliff .
35 I have just returned from an interesting and enjoyable conference on Coastal Zone Management held during a beautiful weekend in Copenhagen .
36 As I write , I have just returned from this gathering .
37 Your article on the Zambian food riots was accurate ( NI 189 ) : I have just returned from visiting friends who live on the Zambian Copperbelt and it was a shock to compare the well-provisioned tourist hotels with the half-empty shops in the city of Ndola .
38 I have just returned from a NATO meeting last week at which we agreed the military strategy that will accompany the strategic concept now agreed , of which Germany is a prominent supporter .
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