Example sentences of "in two [noun pl] ' time " in BNC.

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61 Similarly , the two month and five month rates can be used to derive the expected three month rate in two months ' time .
62 While the withdrawal of Peter Elliott and Tom McKean weakened the European Relays competition held in tandem with a field event international match between Britain , Italy and Hungary , the Tynesider took it upon himself to elevate the proceedings with the kind of form that suggests he could challenge for an Olympic triple jump medal in Barcelona in two months ' time .
63 Nervous because she was due to play in two chukkas ' time , Perdita refused even to acknowledge Daisy 's presence .
64 The poem would arrive in two days ' time .
65 In two days ' time ( 7th May ) , it would be the forty-fifth anniversary of the final German surrender in the Second World War though the cease-fire was not to take effect until midnight on 8th May .
66 Word came back in two days ' time that Sigarup was getting better .
67 In two days ' time we reached Pakoku where many of the Anglo-Burmans begged me to disembark and try to walk out of Burma with them , but Rachel was still very sick and I said I would go on to Mandalay and hope to find a doctor there .
68 Gentle begged him to be a little more lenient , to which Klein said he 'd call Gentle 's studio in two days ' time , and if he received no answer would assume their deal was no longer valid .
69 Even so , it was hard to believe that his birthday in two days ' time would be only his twelfth .
70 So it was decided that Oliver would help Sikes with the robbery in two days ' time .
71 In two days ' time , she thought , she would actually see him .
72 During the course of their conversation , to which Julia listened with only half her attention as she sipped her brandy , she learned that Jackson French was likely to be posted to London to play a part in the winding up of UNRRA later in the year and that Comfort herself was due to leave Venice in two days ' time ‘ now that Julia is getting well again' .
73 In two days ' time Matthew was off to New York .
74 Her best chance would come when they reached Ibiza in two days ' time .
75 That was in two days ' time .
76 So it 's not Saturday , like in two days ' time ?
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