Example sentences of "the first time [pers pn] [vb past] " in BNC.

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31 It was August now , and the first time they had gone on holiday without him .
32 We took the children , when we had the bus we took the children to Southend that was the first time they had all been out together and the owner of the Kersal and the person responsible on the council for the erm maintaining of of Southend , such as the Chairman , they put the Kersal at our disposal !
33 They were the same colours-the same jewels — as those he had worn the first time they had met .
34 It was not the first time they had been told this .
35 But it was the first time they had ever lived privately together .
36 so you would actually be talking to economists , lawyers and accountants , and very often you had a feeling that the first time they had come together to talk to each other was when the CNAA arrived .
37 It was not the first time they had played this mischievous game with each other , on stage .
38 I think that erm the actual position er assured was that industry gave us a quotation in erm April nineteen ninety two which actually was somewhat higher than we 'd anticipated , but I 'm not sure that industry reyu viewed it as an increase because it was probably the first time they had formally quoted a price .
39 This was the first time they had shared such intimacies , yet there was a familiarity about the touch of muscle and skin , the shape of flesh and bone .
40 This was the first time they had dealt with a potential bombing , as in the past their fakings had centred on air crashes and accident situations on the jigs or the shop-floor .
41 And just six hours after Chris and Heather met for the first time they had decided to get married .
42 It was the first time they had mentioned the third who was there in the room with them , though they had both felt his presence , and she , indeed , had lived with it close and uncomforted for a year .
43 Now I , I ca n't imagine any mother doing it twice , but the first time they said it was an accident .
44 It had grown stale and ugly and he 'd left the Party the first time they sent the tanks in , but he did n't stop believing in the dream , the illusion , the myth , any more than he stopped believing in the Devil just because he did n't think there was a God .
45 They had done so the first time they got water for me and I had assumed they would continue .
46 In the early days there was no cure and it killed AIDS patients the first time they got it .
47 Last year was the first time they played at that level , while Scotland , England and Wales have been involved in ‘ international friendlies ’ for a number of years .
48 For the first time they struck her — both letter and box — as symbols of escape .
49 IAN WRIGHT and Andy Gray hardly exchanged pleasantries the first time they met .
50 The first time they went into the baths , you could n't get them out .
51 The first time they came it was for ‘ Bob-a-job ’ week , but now they just come .
52 They were , nevertheless , dramatic or rather traumatic , because for the first time they came into deliberate and militant confrontation with the forces of tradition , conservatism and especially religion .
53 The first time they tried out death in the arena the Christian got infected by the general bloodlust and bit the lion .
54 Now the first time they tried to change them in May they lost the vote , the women , to increase it from three to four .
55 But think how they marvelled then , the first time they glimpsed the grandiose space architecture of the Eladeldi , or the shining needle , a kilometre long , of the Vespa Omicron .
56 The first time we met I thought she was gorgeous but I did n't ask for her phone number because I imagined every man must do that .
57 With Keith , I fell head over heels in love with him from the first time we met , and I 'd only been going out with him two weeks and he asked me to get engaged .
58 ‘ I set your name up on the account the first time we met .
59 He 'd got your number the first time we met .
60 ‘ Something was bothering you the first time we met , and you kept quiet about that , too .
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