Example sentences of "may be [verb] [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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31 Firstly , legal aid is not available for libel , but it may be granted for malicious falsehood .
32 Leases may be granted for short periods of less than a year , up to 999 years .
33 A bald statement that the exercise of public functions may be challenged by judicial review does not , however , tell us all there is to know about the sort of decisions which are amenable to judicial review ; and so now we must consider a number of distinctions which can be drawn between types of public functions .
34 In these circumstances a decision not to adjourn may be challenged by judicial review .
35 In insulin-deficiency states ( as in Type I diabetes ) lipoprotein lipase activity , estimated by post-heparin lipolytic activity , may be impaired with resultant hypertriglyceridaemia .
36 Intravenous acetylcysteine remains the antidote of choice in Britain for patients presenting to medical care early enough ; oral methionine , another precursor of hepatic glutathione , is probably inferior to acetylcysteine as vomiting is common after overdose and metabolism to glutathione may be impaired by increasing liver dysfunction .
37 This may be renewed at regular intervals , or when the person responsible points out that it is getting low .
38 This information may be relevant as a reminder or it may be presented as new information .
39 Just as for two-terminal networks , the large-signal response of a four-terminal network may be determined by graphical analysis of the static characteristics .
40 Such subordinate staff , including enforcement officers , as may be determined by Senior Management .
41 Lists Terms often contain lists : for instance , of rights which may be exercised in certain situations , or of facilities to be provided .
42 Samples of the soil , and in some cases all the excavated soil , may be kept for dry sieving or wet sieving in order to retrieve environmental evidence and very small finds .
43 Price-off coupons , either in or on the pack , may be redeemed against future purchase of the product .
44 Results presented here suggest that the two α subunit variants in humans may be regulated by alternate splicing .
45 It is such considerations of equity and judgement that make the course-work component in examinations suspect , however much its assessment may be regulated by published sets of criteria .
46 The abundance and the functional effects of N-Oct 3 may be regulated by different mechanisms : ( i ) transcription of N-Oct 3 may be regulated in a temporal and tissue specific manner , ( ii ) the RNA half life might be controlled by sequences in the 3' untranslated region as suggested by our findings ( iii ) a bias in translation in favour of N-Oct 5 proteins may serve to neutralize the effects of the N-Oct 3 protein .
47 For example , a local authority 's education programme may be subdivided into pre-school education , primary education , secondary education and adult education .
48 The spinelets are crowded with 9 or more points which may be subdivided into secondary points giving the crown a very irregular appearance .
49 The doctors point out in the British Medical Journal that , though crack dependency is not a direct risk factor for Aids , prostitutes ‘ trying to maintain expensive crack habits may be tempted into unsafe sex practices … which in turn may lead to an increase in the spread of Aids ’ .
50 In residential environments where boundary enforcement is strong , adolescents may be tempted into boundary-transgressing behaviour which may well generalise later on to drug/alcohol seeking behaviour .
51 Nevertheless , property folk may be tempted by eastern promise if markets in western Germany start to cool .
52 As with a privatisation , small investors may be tempted by short term profits and , like Eurotunnel , the issue is a hostage to many variables .
53 Some may be tempted by old dogmas , but most are identifying deeper hungers within themselves .
54 Therefore , for equilibrium to subsist a part of the surplus-value must be accumulated as constant capital , and only a further portion may be accumulated as variable capital .
55 Each of these regions may be differentiated into separate sclerites .
56 As we get older , we may be abused by other authority figures — teachers , doctors , bosses .
57 Stepped wavecut platforms may be formed in horizontal rocks ( Plate 28 ) , but on these the steps are smaller than on those described by Jutson .
58 In such instances , after discussion with the patient when appropriate , these problems may be referred to other members of the health care team such as medical staff , dieticians , physiotherapists or social workers .
59 Each sub-population may be defined by dynamic considerations or by supply characteristics .
60 As a science the process of cleaning may be defined in scientific terms as follows : —
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