Example sentences of "tears to [pos pn] eyes " in BNC.

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31 That really would have brought tears to my eyes .
32 Sandy , a visitor , told us : " It brought tears to my eyes when I heard that the house would be closed for renovation .
33 It brought a few tears to my eyes .
34 It 's ridiculous , she thought angrily ; he can bring tears to my eyes just by making me remember the simple things , like the way he reached out and unlocked the seatbelt for me — he 'd done it with one fluid gesture , no fumbling with it — how he had flung his jacket on to the back seat with the same faultless grace , how he 'd sauntered round the back of the car with a bemused smile when he 'd winkled it into a tight spot .
35 ‘ It nearly brought tears to my eyes , ’ confessed Dr Phil Gates yesterday in recalling the moment that he had a polythene bag in front of him which contained £250,000 in old notes .
36 ‘ The letter I got back brought tears to my eyes , ’ he says .
37 He had passed by the very spot only the other day , and it had brought tears to his eyes .
38 The shock was so great that it brought tears to his eyes , and when he 'd turned off the tap and dried his hand , the tears did n't stop .
39 He says that the pain is so great that it brings tears to his eyes , makes him grumpy , and means he 's sometimes confined to his armchair for days on end .
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