Example sentences of "over a longer period " in BNC.

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31 The charge that higher education has over a longer period contributed to an anti-industrial ethos among the educated classes in Britain has been laid by Wiener ( 1981 ) and countered in different ways by Sanderson ( 1972 ) who points to manifold examples of involvement with industry , and Shattock ( 1987 ) who tends to lay the blame elsewhere , at the door of government and industry itself .
32 The directors are accordingly not obliged to maximise current profits in order to satisfy short-term demands for dividends at the expense of a growth in profitability over a longer period .
33 ‘ For example , the lender can arrange loan repayments over a longer period , to help his customer through a difficult financial time and ensure that the loan is not written off ’ , reported Mr McKiernan .
34 But do n't forget that over a longer period , shares are bound to do better .
35 The explanation seems to be that consecutive measurements have been found to be very consistent , whatever variation exists manifests itself over a longer period corresponding to several averaged measurements .
36 Over a longer period , environmental protection has developed within the EC from an unacknowledged sector of public policy to one of the central components in the strategy for European integration .
37 It faced substantial protests , however , from water suppliers , notably in the UK ( see pp. 36903 ; 37159 ) and in West Germany , who objected that the massive costs involved would need to be spread over a longer period .
38 Opponents of the resort to force , and others who regarded it as premature , maintained that the effectiveness of sanctions required their application over a longer period ( this being broadly the position adopted in early January , i.e. before the military conflict began , by the opposition Labour Party in the UK ) .
39 Debt due for repayment within two years could be paid within five years , and debt due to be repaid over a longer period could be paid within eight years .
40 If on the other hand , a stress is applied slowly over a longer period the material flows like a viscous liquid so that the spherical shape is soon lost if left to stand for some time .
41 Capital allowances deducted from the taxable income may be higher in the early years ( and therefore lower in the later years ) thin book depreciation , which may be charged over a longer period .
42 Firms with a sustained high level of exports over a longer period may provide further figures for consideration as a consistent exporter .
43 I think the question remains or that my doubts remain that there will be a level of there will that one can assume a level of commitments which would be it would be sensible to try and draw back from or phase over a longer period of time .
44 Also , employers are constantly employing new staff so the return on selection has to be calculated over a longer period of time to get a true picture of the effects of selection methods .
45 But where more intensive support is required , over a longer period , he or she needs to be able to put the patient into contact with a relevant mutual aid group , befriending scheme , counselling service , or psychiatric crisis support scheme .
46 The 30-nation talks in Geneva failed to bridge the gap between countries such as Germany and the Nordic states , which are seeking a 79 per cent cut in emissions by the end of the decade , and those like the UK and France which want a lower level of cuts over a longer period .
47 The team at Oxford 's cancer fund are now planning longer term research with other organisations world-wide to assess the effects of tamoxifen over a longer period of time to see if it can continue saving lives .
48 Staggered working hours would spread travelling times over a longer period of the day and in many cases allow more efficient use of factories , offices , schools and the equipment therein .
49 Changing the law to place NationalPower and Power-Gen under a legal obligation to agree fixed contracts for specified tonnages over a longer period than the current year was hinted at by Michael Heseltine , the President of the Board of Trade , in evidence to the energy select committee last year .
50 a cast iron logical argument you could you could then even phase it over a longer period
51 Now that 's different you 'll not get em to cancel it but to get them to spin it out over a longer period is a possibility and that 's what we 're gon na be working towards .
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