Example sentences of "who have just be [vb pp] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ That 'd be a clever trick for someone who 's just been blown up . ’
32 ‘ Oh God , every day it seems I 'm speaking to a mate who 's just been robbed , ’ said Woody , sometime Cross Key 's barman , in his thick Lancashire accent .
33 That 's the motto of an 82-year-old North Yorkshire woman who 's just been accepted into the Writers Guild .
34 He 's a very , very emotional , unstable dictator , who 's just been determined somehow to exploit his position geographically , in the Middle East , to try and emerge as a sort of mini superpower , and to that end , he 's done a lot of terrible things , of which the invasion of Kuwait was really only one .
35 Trying to dissuade a father from sending his gay teenager to a psychiatrist ; calming someone who 's just been beaten up in a police cell ; sharing someone 's joy at discovering that there 's another lesbian in the next village , all serve to remove some of the complacency which can so easily set in .
36 Now before Neil starts panicking and worrying about that , bear in mind that that is spread over the whole spectrum of operations , including things like heart transplants and the like , and also , for example , an elderly person who 's just been smashed up by er Astra G T E
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