Example sentences of "go a long way [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Bourdieu goes a long way to remedying this defect in his treatment of actual practices in his structure ( fields ) .
32 That undoubtedly goes a long way to explaining the inspectors ' report .
33 The Law Society have now introduced the Client Care Scheme , which goes a long way to bonding this relationship at the outset .
34 Little was known about the products of many of these areas , and much research still needs to be done but Collecting Lustreware goes a long way to redressing the balance .
36 A LITTLE goes a long way with UNICEF .
37 No Hiding Place Sitting containers on pallets or bricks goes a long way toward preventing them from harbouring all kinds of pests under their bottoms .
38 Proponents claim that the plant goes a long way toward addressing the heavily oil dependent state 's energy needs , and , would entail the destruction of at most 2 percent of the Wao Kele tract .
39 Thus the Act goes a long way in smoothing the path of the prosecutor .
40 They 're added to marzipan to improve its flavour and keeping qualities , and a little oil of bitter almonds goes a long way in much confectionery .
41 The figures for applications heard by a single Lord Justice and two and three Lords Justices went a long way to explaining why , despite the facts that the rate at which appeals were begun had shown little change over the years , there had been some small increase in judge-power and that major improvements had been made in the court 's procedures , the number of appeals outstanding at the end of each year and the lead times for hearing appeals showed no real improvement .
42 At last there was room for a central bureau of information , which went a long way to reducing the confusion caused by overlapping responsibilities .
43 He called in his full executive to meet us and I 'm sure at the end of the day that this meeting went a long way to the tour going ahead instead of being cancelled ’ .
44 Reluctant as he was to part with evidence that went a long way to exonerating Colin , he knew surrendering it voluntarily was vastly preferable to having it seized .
45 Those who question Taylor 's future were left to swallow a performance that went a long way to answering the questions against the England manager .
46 But the headlining act — a quartet splicing the former Miles Davis guitarist John Scofield with the British saxophonist Andy Sheppard — struck fireworks that went a long way towards helping the audience breathe out after some dodgy moments during the presentations .
47 The ministerial position went a long way towards meeting the US criteria , but the British side had worries as well .
48 It all went a long way towards explaining why umpires the world over have been reluctant for so many years to restrain cricket 's bouncer-happy fast bowlers .
49 The concessions Edward made on matters such as purveyance and unparliamentary taxation went a long way towards meeting the grievances of the commons , and the king was able to mobilize the resources he required for war .
50 However , he also went a long way towards showing that this apparent conflict could be reconciled by isolating ways in which the two ideals were similar .
51 Delegates could contribute valuable insight and comment based on their own experiences and expertise , and this went a long way towards creating LASMO 's HSE blueprint for 1993 and beyond .
52 For it was he who arranged the finance which went a long way towards putting the station on the air .
53 Friedman 's statement of the natural rate hypothesis went a long way towards reconciling such evidence with basic classical theory .
54 DAMON Hill went a long way towards fulfilling the hopes of his family and army of fans when he grabbed provisional pole position for Sunday 's Monaco Grand Prix .
55 Also on Oct. 17 the Supreme Soviet passed a decree which went a long way towards meeting other student demands , and secured an end to the protests .
56 The package , worth 6 per cent more than the previous year 's assistance , went a long way towards the $9,200 million required by India to meet an expected current-account deficit of $6,000 million and debt repayments of $3,200 million .
57 The agreement went a long way towards meeting demands of organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature and Greenpeace , which had staged lengthy public campaigns in favour of preserving the Antarctic as the planet 's last great wilderness .
58 But they sweetened their reign of fear with occasional favours and a glaze of authority that went a long way in communities accustomed to neither .
59 Their staff were generally willing to ‘ have a go ’ , and with some information and support went a long way in challenging their own attitudes and those of other children and parents .
60 Did you say these used to rub your toes when you went a long way in them ?
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