Example sentences of "you 've been to [noun prp] " in BNC.

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1 You 've been to Africa , Colonel ? ’ she enquired .
2 When you think you 've seen it all ; when you 've been to Benidorm , Majorca and San Antonio ; when you know the most exciting places ; come to Club 18–30 and we 'll show you Kos .
3 You 'll enjoy the holiday much more if you 've been to France and faced your ghosts . ’
4 I says I know , you have n't been to see your team here , he says right once you 've been to Wembley the second time 's never as good it 's just that
5 You 've been to Moila before ? ’
6 ‘ Your niece said you 've been to Paris , ’ Sabine said as the lemonade was poured .
7 It 's been a lot when you 've been to Nora 's
8 ‘ So you 've been to Woodbrook ?
9 AS ANNOYING as ‘ Sesame Street ’ but funnier when you 've been to Amsterdam and seen an ocean of techno heads pogo-ing like Zebedee on amphetamines .
10 Well you 've been to Austria .
11 If you 've been to Burford and seen the spot , there 's nothing more to be said .
12 It shows how well we are conducting the service , in what is an old bedding factory , after all , and if you 've been to Winchester lately , you will have seen a six million pound record office , with with modern architecture in a prominent position in Winchester , er , which I 'm sure they 're conducting a service , but I 'll bet you that pound for pound we 're giving a far better service in Wiltshire , with our dedicated staff , who 've been there a long time .
13 ‘ And you 've been to Diss today and bought yourself a grin'stone ? ’
14 You 've been to Glasgow and seen the tenements there , the filth and the meanness of the streets but I tell you Glasgow is nothing compared with this place .
15 Once you 've been to Blackpool you 'll find that you want to keep returning again and again .
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