Example sentences of "that i [verb] [pers pn] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 You see and that al old aunt that I told you about she always referred this road through as the new road .
32 Moving her just a fraction away , his eyes once more holding hers captive , he added , ‘ So is n't it fortunate that I know you for the cheat you are ? ’
33 ‘ And is n't it fortunate that I know you for a blind fool ? ’
34 ‘ Good afternoon , ladies and gentlemen , it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the magic of television … ‘
35 I had no idea that what was happening was my body trying to bring itself up to a natural weight rather than the unnatural , low one that I kept it at .
36 Not quite able to turn this down , he insists instead that I telephone him on Saturday morning to confirm .
37 I got so tired of having juice pouring into my bag that I take it in a little lemonade bottle now .
38 I was so frightened by the blind man 's violence that I obeyed him without question , and took him into the room where the sick captain was sitting .
39 I told her that I had you at work then yesterday , right , she says oh no another one , right , and ended up
40 ‘ You see that I had you in my mind ! ’
41 My regard for her was reflected in the fact that I asked her to be my son , Giles 's godmother .
42 I made sure that I enjoyed it to the full , although it was wartime .
43 Whenever I have met him since , he has invariably reminded me that I taught him about the business !
44 They know that I killed him on purpose because he took my best animal . ’
45 It was not until about a year later , when I became the High Master of Warboys , that I took him into Warboys and made him a sort of Staff pilot flying Oxford aircraft on special navigational training exercises ; this was something that I could physically check and I do not know why it is , and I am not being clever now , I just accepted the evidence he gave me of this phoney flying .
46 ‘ Will it help you if I tell you first that I love you , ’ he whispered , ‘ that I adore you with all my heart ? ’
47 As my husband was then a consultant there , and involved in research in rheumatology , it was only natural that I joined him in the research field .
48 Does Mike have some er Georgian Hotel , look at that Christmas jokes , Daddy , Eddie 's broken my new dog how did he do that I hit him on the head with it Why is Father Christmas unemployed ?
49 Do n't worry if you ca n't do it if you ca n't any of these any of these exercises that I give you by the way it 's not like homework it 's just for you to play with them to get the do them at your own pace .
50 Also that I described them in car on way home as five most grotesque examples of humanity this side of the swamps of Lousiana .
51 ‘ I 'm sorry that I accused you of taking them . ’
52 Simmel 's work has been selected on the grounds that I consider it to be the most convincing analysis of modernity consistent with the concept of objectification as outlined here .
53 I have made no secret of the fact that I consider you to be a boy with potential , a boy I might introduce to some of the wonderful things of this world .
54 He sounded so sincere that I forgave him at once in my heart .
55 For that matter , now that I see them for this moment so clearly , what has Hugh to do with the king , either ?
56 I would say : if you want to talk of my thinking it in such circumstances then the least misleading thing to say is that I think it in saying it .
57 ‘ May I also put it on record that I love you for your mind ? ’ said Leo earnestly .
58 There seems no point in saying that I love you in spite of everything because that only seems to irritate you for reasons best known to yourself and which you choose neither to explain nor comment on .
59 It is for that reason that I include it on the shortlist for the Worst Building in the World title .
60 And put them your side since we found that I did them for you .
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