Example sentences of "that i [verb] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 Any selection of a few new titles , therefore , is bound to be especially arbitrary ; I can only plead that I 've made it as wide as possible .
32 ‘ The main benefit is that I 've enjoyed it ; that 's my yardstick . ’
33 ‘ The main benefit is that I 've enjoyed it ; that 's my yardstick . ’
34 And when I 've expanded and I 've told you then I then come back to my ending and I say , okay so what I 've done I 've told you about three aspects of flying , about the safety of it , ab about the costs involved in taking part in flying and about the enjoyment you 're gon na get out of flying and I hope that I 've persuaded you that you will come along on Saturday to take part , and that 's the ending .
35 The only other thing that I 've thought I might do one day is do a country album .
36 Do you think I will ever let you go , now that I 've claimed you ? ’
37 And I shall inform him that I 've informed you .
38 I 'm gon na ring them up and say that I 've found her !
39 ‘ When we got into the car I said , ‘ Thanks for coming to get me , ’ and he said , ‘ Now that I 've found you I 'm never going to let you go . ’ ’
40 I really ca n't answer for David because in all the years that I 've known him , I always actually found him a rather cold person , even when I was 14 and he was 16 , even as boy and girlfriend .
41 I can just say that I 've clocked it , even though I can I just I ca n't clock it yeah I can just say I could cos I know how it end .
42 Well you , I mean to say that I 've had mine a long time and you ai n't done much mileage on it .
43 It has signed a three-book contract and is so bullish that I 've included it in Ones to Watch even though I have not even had one chapter .
44 It was so carefully written that I 've read it three times and I do n't think it says anything .
45 That 's a good t washer that I 've bought you know
46 And I just go through all the catastrophes that I 've bought you , so from now on it 's cash , just cash .
47 One of the two tasks that I 've set you since we met in September , what are the two big tasks that we 've concentrated on ?
48 She 'd say , that I 've set you up to say it .
49 I mean for example if they walked in the room right now I 'm sure you 'd introduce me so I 'm really saying is look can you give me a telephone number , I 'll give them a chat and in fact , by the way , if you do see him within the next couple of days or so please give him a shout , let me know that you 've been quite excited about some of the ideas that I 've shown you this evening , I wan na do the same thing for him , you know , nothing gained nothing ventured nothing lost .
50 " Now that I 've recovered we must think of your reputation , Mrs Lang . "
51 In any case , in the harsher bathroom light I can see that I 've put it on too thickly .
52 Now you 'll all know that I 've told you the truth ! ’ he shouted .
53 ‘ Now that I 've told you the truth , you do n't need to fear .
54 ‘ If I do n't talk to you about your father , Alex , it is n't that I 've forgotten him , but Mr Morgan would n't like it . ’
55 I 'm not sure that I 've managed it all that well , myself .
56 Sure to feel again soon that I 've botched it .
57 That walk that I 've one That I 've walked it twice , gone right out Glen Baily and right into Glen Shee and down Blackwater , down to the and come along and round in , thirteen mile Maybe twelve or thirteen miles .
58 and teach them to obey every thing that I 've commanded you and I will be with you always to the end of
59 I still have n't given , that 's reminded me seeing Shona there , I , I do n't think I 've given her that pair of trousers and the sweatshirt and I told her that I 've got them .
60 You must realize that I 've got it all worked out in my head so that this does n't have any bearing on you at all . ’
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