Example sentences of "i can [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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31 After she was found dead and there were so-many questions and Mena told so much , she said to Constanza — oh , I can give you the very words , I shall never forget them — Mena said , ‘ One day many many years ago , when the old principessa was still alive , she opened a door and saw them , the prince and the Marchesa Giulia , in the long room at Castelfonte . ’
32 I can give you the address of his studio , if you like . ’
33 ‘ Oh , you were always a fool , Neil , always — a fool to think that I would be content to live on nothing with a younger son and a fool to reject me now that I can give you the life which you ought to be living . ’
34 W eight thousand eight hundred I can give you the precise figure
35 I can give you the name of a good London-based detective agency if you want it , ’ she offered , and he looked up .
36 I can give you the total of
37 If I stay , I can make you the best horsewoman in the district — one your husband will be proud of and one that the other ladies will envy when you ride to hounds . ’
38 I can imagine what the real purpose of that coffee break was …
39 I can imagine you the finest dragon to ride — ’
40 I can play you the er recording of the interview
41 ‘ I 'm sure you can , but why bother when I can save you the trouble ?
42 Having read the transcript of evidence and having reviewed the findings of fact made by the deputy judge , I can find nothing the matter with his conclusion that the onus of establishing testamentary capacity had not been discharged .
43 I can find you the best vet in New York .
44 If I can find whoever the senior organizer is for each conference , or whoever is doing the introductory talk ,
45 Right , let me see if I can get it the same .
46 I mean even , even myself as a young girl , I 'm not , I 'm not th you know , that , that erm , that young yet , but I can remember him the er , you know , streak of er , lightning across the old black and white screen .
47 I can promise you the phone wo n't ring , well it might ring but we wo n't answer it .
48 I can see nothing the matter with the use of Form N111 although I agree that the form would be improved by a reference to the contemnor 's right to try to purge his contempt .
49 As Carmel finished the 3s , she came to me and whispered : ‘ I think I can see what the 5s are going to be before I do it ’ , and she explained her prediction .
50 I want to be out on a limb with my back to the water so that I can see what the rest of the world is doing .
51 I like to study them — very often I can see something the keepers would n't necessarily notice .
52 I think it 's debatable how selfish people really are , particularly when they see that their are short-term selfishness may in fact create long-term problems for themselves , for their children , for their grandchildren , for er other generations and other peoples , and really as I can see it the green message is one of enlightened self-interest .
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