Example sentences of "i [vb past] [pron] at [art] " in BNC.

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31 Christ Almighty , I told you at the time , did n't I ?
32 I told you at the fair — it 's out of your hands .
33 I told you at the time to stick out and then she would have to get a housekeeper in .
34 I told you at the beginning how it would be .
35 I identified her at the mortuary not an hour since . ’
36 I do n't think he meant it , looking back , but I believed him at the time .
37 I threw myself at the door and tried desperately to open it .
38 I telephoned him at the shipping company , but was told that he was not in the office .
39 ‘ My father and eldest brother established an estate agency and I joined them at the age of 17 .
40 She indicated the pretty flower-patterned basin for me to wash my hands in , then I joined them at the table .
41 It was thanks to you all that I humiliated myself at the Harrogate Trade Show .
42 I began to see the nervousness in your eyes whenever I got too close to you , and when I kissed you at the inn I knew that Matilda had lied about one point at least .
43 Yes , that 's how I perceived it at the time , but I was wrong .
44 For a long time , I adored him at a distance and could n't believe my luck when he started showing an interest in me . ’
45 I ordered it at the branch of the Times Library then housed in Elliston and Cavell 's , the nearest equivalent to Harrods in the Oxford of pre-war years , and remember with what excitement I received it from their admirable librarian Miss Lush ( now Lady Ormerod ) at the end of my day 's work in the Bodleian .
46 I sensed it at the funeral .
47 I heard everything at the Opera and Musikverein .
48 I loved him at the beginning and could not hate him later — even when he was agonizing everyone .
49 I warned you at the outset , gentlemen , that my suspicions may be unfounded .
50 ‘ Well , I warned you at the interview that I was no easy option , did n't I ? ’ he barked .
51 Just beyond Fort Augustus a trace of their road may still be found ; now impassable , it must have been a fearful route : the climb up to any height of it is ferociously demanding — or else I hit it at the wrong spot .
52 I watched him at the bar , a short but fairly broad-shouldered figure with fairish hair .
53 Hooked is the title of the latest collection of reviews by film critic nonpareil Pauline Kael , ninth in the essential series which began with 1965 I Lost It At The Movies .
54 I felt nothing at the time and naïvely smiled to myself when I spotted it later .
55 I insulted him at the time .
56 ‘ Yes , not that I knew it at the time , of course , else I 'd never have gone . ’
57 I , cos I saw her at a quarter past nine so
58 I saw her at the butcher 's this morning .
59 I saw her at the window when we arrived .
60 I saw him at the Jobcentre a lot .
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