Example sentences of "i [vb past] [verb] [pron] at " in BNC.

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31 I did mention it at lectures but .
32 I did n't realise that I had lost it at the party . ’
33 I had never met the head of governors , Dr Arnold Barton , though I had seen him at several functions , a thin , tall , stern-faced , lantern-jawed streak of a man who rarely seemed to smile .
34 Was I sure I had seen it at all ?
35 In retrospect I can see that this implication can be drawn from the envelope , and I only wish I had realised it at the time .
36 Well I , I had done it at the interval .
37 I had met her at the England-USA match in Birmingham and she had offered to help me with my career .
38 But I had bought mine at a time when I 'd luckily accumulated some nice big fees , and she is just what I need , in every way .
39 I had expected them at that stage to do the decent thing and wait for us to catch up but , smelling their first blood of the season , they continued in much the same fashion and eventually ran out 7–0 victors .
40 I had expected it at some point .
41 The strap is a strong rubber one but I found I had to overtighten it at the surface , otherwise it became loose when my drysuit seal compressed at depth .
42 Eric and I had to restrain him at times when he wanted to do something like throw little Paul into the water to see if he 'd float , or like when he wanted to fell a tree over the railway line that goes through Porteneil , but as a rule we got on surprisingly well , even though it rankled to see Eric , who was the same age as Blyth , obviously in fear of him .
43 I hardly know him , yet I wanted to fling myself at him , I wanted him to kiss me , make love to me .
44 ‘ He 's not suffered any leg problems since then and I wanted to run him at Newcastle but he was a little flat in November .
45 I can not say how strange it was , how peculiarly dead I felt , when I awoke to find myself at a distance from my father .
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