Example sentences of "that [pron] [modal v] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ If we accept this — that you can give us information that will help us to rear better offspring — how do you propose this information be used ? ’
32 We would value your support and any help that you can give us .
33 It 's not just the better the members that we 've got working in the Health Service , it 's about everybody in the room and everybody in the country who wants to use it and we 've got ta get it a bi a bit higher up on the agenda at this union and I hope Mick , that you can give us the confidence and give us the commitment , that that 's what we 're gon na get from this union .
34 And , Sir , I come to crave of you a boon , that you will give me Rodrigo of Bivar to be my husband , with whom I shall hold myself well married , and greatly honoured ; for certain I am that his possessions will one day be greater than those of any man in your dominions .
35 ‘ Does that mean that you will give me a game ? ’
36 I do n't deserve another chance — but I 'm hoping , praying that you will give me one anyway . ’
37 I am sure that you will give him the same affirmation and support you gave to me when I arrived .
38 We pray for the leaders of our nation , that you will give them wisdom in providing for all , particularly those who are homeless or unemployed .
39 Madam , I 'm gon na ask you to say in those circumstances that we should give him the maximum discharge .
40 They would want a lot ; there is no reason that we should give them everything they ask for .
41 What we do say is that we will give you an opportunity erm er if you like a platform for er for earning good money
42 We provide a platform for people to earn substantial money erm you know the only guarantee we give you is that we will give you the opportunity .
43 That 's why we give an absolute guarantee that we will give you continuity of assignment .
44 Our constituents look to us to obtain redress ; if the only satisfaction that we can give them is to say that the matter is out of our hands , it will not be long before they begin to wonder why they voted for us at all .
45 The good thing about having the machines on the vehicle are that we can give him that electric shock as opposed to taking him to the hospital to have that electric shock .
46 If we give you that we can give you it in a certain way , but it is not necessarily meaningful .
47 Deputy Head ( Staff ) : ‘ How would you define your objectives , so that we can give you opportunity to improve ? ’
48 We think we know what the teachers need and that we can give it to them .
49 He made himself as meek as a lamb , hoping perhaps that they would give him an extra morsel of food or some other favour .
50 Cos that 's whatsername 's erm Kenny said that they might give you an injection .
51 It stand out like a sore thumb sometimes when I 'm with them , I find people with handicapped children are real people , are people who are people with their children being , talking to them , instead of things that they can give them , you know .
52 They need to know that they can give you your professional , their professional attention they will not make it compulsively , the majority party of what went wrong this is you were no longer the majority party .
53 Do you remember what your mum and dad used to say to you all those years ago because , those old adages that they used to give you as kids , certainly rings true .
54 instead of saying , telling the er insurance people that they 'd give them the bills and they could pay them as they came in , he said they 'd got a lump sum .
55 And as he leaned against the railings he suddenly tasted it , the moment Creed had planned for him , the moment he 'd always longed for , dreaded now , still longed for , and it was burnt sugar , sweet and caustic , on his tongue , it was like the flight of a bird across a window , it was there and it was gone , he could n't dwell on it , he could n't let the terror in , all he knew was what it would do for him , he knew that it would give him membership , he 'd be past the sliding sheet of glass , he 'd finally belong .
56 therefore we have supported the A C C line on the basis of the flexibility that it would give you , as an employer , bearing in mind , you do n't have to do anything , it will be your choice in the individual case , er , within your policies .
57 If the utilitarian looks at it in this way , he takes it as a criterion for an acceptable use of ethical words , and way of understanding moral judgement , that it should give them a factual content which is the only one which it is sensible to expect people in general to endorse as a sensible guide to acceptable conduct .
58 ‘ I feel sure you 'll understand that it will give me great satisfaction to entertain your niece 's young cousin .
59 No , it 's the general audacity of the tax system , which was to , to ripe money of us so that it can give us we can spend our money on rubbishing layabouts .
60 Looking back on that then , you must have lost a great number of colleagues and workmates that it must give you sort of mixed feelings looking back on it ?
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