Example sentences of "in the public eye " in BNC.

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1 What is clear is that this was all one society , in which the wives — like Mrs Lowndes herself — wrote books or maintained salons , while their husbands were functionaries , some of them much in the public eye as ministers of the Crown , others — like Frederic Lowndes — no less influential and esteemed for operating under wraps , as grey eminences .
2 Chapter One begins with allegations printed in one of the more respectable weekly magazines that do their best to ruin the reputation of everyone in the public eye .
3 Record companies , managers or anyone in the music business can only notice your music if your band is at a venue playing in the public eye .
4 The controversy created by the research suddenly put Hector 's dolphin firmly in the public eye .
5 Ahead you 'll find a series of lucrative events which may well put you in the public eye , and carry you to further success and acclaim .
6 ‘ Hardly ever has a Goebbels article stood so much in the public eye as this one , ’ added the report , ‘ but his articles have probably never been so criticized .
7 It is a constant risk for someone like her who is always in the public eye , that someone will develop a fixation on her , ’ the colleague said .
8 ‘ I also liked the idea of producing images of people in the public eye which do n't adhere to the unwritten rule of portraiture — that you 've got to make some kind of personal comment about the sitter , capture their essence , if you like — which , at twenty four , I did n't feel particularly qualified to do .
9 ‘ Red Ellen ’ had long been in the public eye — notably as the figure at the head of the Jarrow March in 1936 bearing down upon London to protest against the enormity of unemployment .
10 Unlike many groups , The Wedding Present largely avoided the dubious pleasure of growing up in the public eye .
11 If Chapman had become football 's forgotten man , he was about to put himself , and his new club , in the public eye again , for on 16 March , 1921 Huddersfield bought Stephenson for a fee that was ‘ probably the highest ever paid by a Yorkshire club ’ — £4,000 .
12 Nothing was left untouched where a change would put the club in the public eye , improve the team 's performance or , preferably , both .
13 Chapman 's mind worked day and night on motivating not only his players but everyone involved with the club , on keeping Arsenal in the public eye , on planning their victories , and on improving the game in general .
14 Managers are more than ever in the public eye ; the scientific approach , in tactics , medical treatment , ground improvements , is commonplace ; floodlighting , numbered players , the ten-yard semi-circle are taken for granted .
15 Few would disagree that the CAB has raised its profile in the public eye over the last few years .
16 I immediately put the fern into our hospital , that is on the kitchen windowsill , a position in the public eye where it could be attended to by my of the family .
17 To build up a shop 's reputation in the public eye ( ie to make customers more aware of the shop and the goods it offers , and to convince them that it provides good value and good service )
18 I suppose it is an easily understood curiosity about the behaviour of those in the public eye .
19 Tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano ( b. 1952 ) has in some respects come up the hard way ; passing the 40-year mark last year , he 's nevertheless a craftsman often overlooked in the public eye in favour of younger more ‘ marketable ’ musicians .
20 And because I am in the public eye it is important that I fight back , that I show the world that the police are not infallible and that the rotten apples in the barrel must be exposed .
21 In the public eye the bankrupt is seen as a sort of quasi-criminal .
22 I 'd like to start somewhere not too much in the public eye , because it takes the pressure off , so I 'll probably go to Argentina or somewhere like that , do some rehearsals and some gigs and see what transpires . ’
23 When I was in the public eye
24 Merton 's emergence in the public eye has been steady , and somewhat at odds with the prevailing comedy spirit .
25 It helped enormously that he also happened to enjoy affairs with women , and that when he was acting on stage , his sexual proclivities were not such a problem as he was less in the public eye .
26 I like to be the centre of attention or in the public eye
27 Other people in the public eye would be reading the first seven , and his grandfather the ninth .
28 It 's not unusual on girls ' weekends or at women workers ' conferences for them to be demonstrative with each other , or with the young women , while we remain caught in the straight-jacket of frigidity while we are in the public eye .
29 ‘ The fact that she has to live in the public eye , I mean , I would slit my wrists already .
30 Sky TV 's broadcast put the whole incident in the public eye , even though Goulding was formally cited after the Disciplinary Committee watched a tape of the game last Thursday when dealing with two men sent off in that match .
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