Example sentences of "once upon a time " in BNC.

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61 Once upon a time there was in the UK a Director of Flight Safety , but this office has been abolished .
62 Once upon a time the only crime in this neck of the woods was domestic .
63 ONCE upon a time , the enemies of South-East Asia 's environment were overpopulation and poverty , but now prosperity must also be considered a foe .
64 Once upon a time waste management was purely a matter of public health .
65 Once upon a time it could take several hours to install a network interface card .
66 Once upon a time when Intel released the 80286 , everyone wanted to make a 286-compatible PC , including Ericsson .
67 ONCE UPON a time , the government of Norway promised that it would not only protect the wolf as an endangered species , but even maintain a breeding population of the beast .
68 ‘ Grass roots ’ writes : ‘ Once upon a time , social services and the Japanese decided to have a competitive boat race on the river Thames .
69 ONCE upon a time , the British used to boast of the battles they had won — Agincourt , Trafalgar and Waterloo ( with less justice ) for example .
70 Predictably , Irish Terence Adair believes that ‘ if steamers come into vogue , they will do away with all the romance once upon a time supposed to belong to a naval life ’ but the Scotsman 's more practical view chimes in with Jack 's opinion .
71 Once upon a time you could get your pilot 's licence in him for £20 .
72 Once upon a time in Belfast there were bands like Stiff Little Fingers and Rudi .
73 Once upon a time , so the story runs in these characteristic responses to the summer riots of 1981 , violence and disorder were unknown in Britain .
74 Among modern believers , it is generally assumed that once upon a time there was a ‘ pure ’ form of Christianity preached by Paul , from which various ‘ deviations ’ — that is , ‘ heresies ’ — subsequently occurred .
75 ONCE UPON A TIME the Universities had representatives in parliament ; it is only now through the Conference of University Convocations and Graduate Associations ( CUCGA , a national body in which Salford has a high profile , that works to protect and enhance higher education ) that we seem to be getting some clout back .
76 Once upon a time , ’ Patsy began , ‘ in an old town , in an old street , there stood a very old 'ouse . ’
77 Once upon a time , ’ her brother began again , ‘ in an old town , in an old street , there stood a very old 'ouse , such a grand 'ouse , the sort of 'ouse you do not find nowadays … ’
78 An authentic Welsh version was , according to Lady Llanover 's Good Cookery ( 1867 ) once upon a time made with ewe 's milk cheese ( Lady Llanover lived in Monmouthshire for about ninety years ) , now presumably obsolete .
79 Once upon a time , say until the late 1960s , advertising and public relations were skills that called for good writing ability , a flair for commerce , art talents , a large degree of personal charm and verbal fluency , and a sociable nature .
80 Once upon a time this was the role everyone thought was the right and moral one , but the immense power of television to influence , and the rapid growth of communications , makes such definitions naive .
81 Whenever I motor past , I imagine what a joy it must have been once upon a time to see him in action around the commons and village greens , stroking that famous beard and then scattering the pony and traps with his magnificent blows .
82 We give here a brief sample both of the original [ 10 ] and of Burgess 's Class 1 version [ 11 ] : [ 10 ] Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo …
83 Once upon a time , an angel came down to earth to test the charity of man .
84 Once upon a time .
85 Once upon a time , ’ he would begin his lectures , ‘ in the remote marches and forests of Central Asia , near a lake called Issyk-Koul in the province of Semiriechinsk , there lived a small , pretty squirrel-like creature called the Marmot … ’
86 Once upon a time there was a little chimney-sweep , and his name was Tom … ’
87 Once upon a time
88 And the grand finale , the police acting as undertakers at the public burial of what , once upon a time , must have been a human relationship …
89 Formulaic expressions such as ‘ Once upon a time … and they lived happily ever after ’ can be used explicitly to mark the boundaries of a fragment .
90 " There was once upon a time " , he declared in 1901 , " when I was foolish enough to believe that the foreigners were the great curse of the British seamen .
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