Example sentences of "once upon a time " in BNC.

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31 He is remembered chiefly for his series of twenty Organ Sonatas , but there is much more besides ; a substantial corpus of choral music , including three Requiems and no fewer than twelve Masses , two operas , a Symphony , symphonic poem , two Concertos for Organ ( once upon a time available from E. Power Biggs on a CBS LP ) and one for Piano — and a fair amount of chamber music , sixteen opus numbers in all , of which this Thorofon CD ( the least of seven ) rounds off a complete recording .
32 She had played beautifully once upon a time , and even now , although she had been compelled to give it up almost entirely , it was a joy to listen to her .
33 Once upon a time — oh , years and years ago ! — she had been a schoolmistress .
34 Once upon a time you had a dream — that you lived in a world of simple market forces where everything or everybody had a price or value .
35 Its wines were once upon a time combined in the vat with those of Verzenay and it is from the reputation of that great village that Beaumont-sur-Vesle has wrested its misplaced status .
36 PRS and Patrick Eggle have revived this fashion , which was predominant once upon a time on Gibson 's ES345/355 models .
37 Once upon a time there was a film with a jolly popular song , sung as a duet .
39 ONCE UPON a time , somewhere in Ireland , two brothers and a like-minded friend decided to form a band .
40 Once upon a time there was a little boy called Steven Spielberg who refused to grow up .
41 Once upon a time they all lived happily ever after .
42 Once upon a time there was something called soul .
43 Once upon a time muezzins had had to climb such towers to call the people to prayer , the little round room at the top giving resonance , enlarging the human voice .
44 Once upon a time a man could hang for setting fire to a hayrick !
45 Once upon a time she would have been jealous about the constant reference to Charles and Camilla but no longer .
46 Once upon a time this may have been so .
47 ( There is evidence , though , that once upon a time Mars enjoyed running water . )
48 The primary legend of Atlantis seems to have started in the fourth century BC , when Plato wrote that Solon , who had lived a century or so earlier , had visited Egypt and there had been told by a priest that , once upon a time , there had existed a continent beyond the Pillars of Hercules ( that is , the Strait of Gibraltar ) .
49 Once upon a time there was the offer of a lifetime from Books for Children .
50 Once upon a time you made them yourself .
51 Nostalgia , necessity ( once upon a time ) , narrowness ( increasing ) , music , majority vote , excess ( hopefully )
52 ONCE UPON a time Primal Scream were a dismal Byrds-obsessed ‘ C86 ’ jangle rock band with a biker fetish .
54 But once upon a time the ad pages of NME throbbed with the heady thrills of Loon pants !
55 ONCE UPON a time The Face was the style bible not of gits in fake fur-trimmed parkas and yups looking for new big ties , but of crazy over-made-up early '80s youth , for whom mum 's old curtains and too much eye-liner signified SEX and REVOLUTION .
56 Once upon a time it would have been unthinkable for a band , especially one with such a reputation as Happy Mondays ’ , to apologise for their remarks without some sort of legal action being taken against them .
57 America is also represented by the legendary ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST .
58 ONCE UPON a time , not so long ago , Mudhoney swore an oath of allegiance to independent labeldom in the belief that small was best …
59 Once upon a time school teachers who climbed might take a favoured few pupils to the crags in the Lagonda or Alvis .
60 Once upon a time this plasteel cavern with its ranks of mighty support pillars must have seemed spacious , voluminous , gargantuan .
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