Example sentences of "be [adj] to assume that " in BNC.

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1 Twenty-five years ago , during a period of full employment , employers may sometimes have been right to assume that those who were unemployed or redundant were less effective than those who held down a job .
2 The grounds of appeal were , inter alia , that ( 1 ) the justices had exercised their discretion to award costs on the wrong principles as it had not been shown that the local authority had acted in bad faith or unreasonable in the performance of its statutory duties or had acted unreasonably in the conduct of the proceedings before the court ; ( 2 ) there were no circumstances which justified the making of the costs order ; ( 3 ) the justice should have found that there were good reasons for the local authority to be concerned about the father 's ability to care for the children , the local authority was not bound to adopt the view of the guardian ad litem and the local authority had communicated the decision not to oppose the father 's application within a reasonable time on receiving the report of the guardian ad litem ; ( 4 ) the justices had been wrong to assume that the change in the view of the local authority amounted to an admission that the views of the local authority had been wrong all the time .
3 At one point it would have been reasonable to assume that Durham SC were staging a convention for knee and ankle supports as nearly 80 combatants rolled up for battle .
4 In other studies , investigators have often been able to assume that they know the lexical input to commonly occurring vowel variables such as ( e ) and ( a ) and also that all the lexical items counted have the much the same potential for variation ( that is , the direction of variation will be consistent throughout ) .
5 " Clearly it would be rash to assume that Shakespeare knew of this earlier version . "
6 If the lender under such an instrument had the right to require early redemption , but on exercise of that right he would receive only the original issue price , it would be unrealistic to assume that he would exercise it unless the issuer 's creditworthiness deteriorated to a significant extent .
7 It would be unrealistic to assume that any assessment process based solely on one assessor 's judgement of another 's competence would always be regarded as completely valid and reliable .
8 In many respects , however , life in a special school is like any other day or boarding school , and it would be wrong to assume that rare and special things go on in a special school .
9 However , it may be wrong to assume that this inability to create a coordinated response is a bad thing : a truly-integrated response to the cities from the Conservative governments elected in 1979 and after might have been even more detrimental to the major conurbations than it has been .
10 It would be wrong to assume that the divisions in the Tory Party , which became so evident after Mrs Thatcher was dumped , have been healed .
11 It would be wrong to assume that Elizabeth 's reign was one of perfect happiness and freedom , or that the contrast between her real physical state and her royal image was not sometimes ridiculous .
12 Family construct theory suggests that it would even be wrong to assume that such ‘ good ’ family relationships are wanted by some families which actually rely upon ‘ bad ’ family relationships .
13 Yet even if there were short-term cause to rejoice , the mandarins would be wrong to assume that the most effective way out of Japan 's current problems — slow growth , asset-price deflation and a troubled financial sector — is to indulge their strongest instinct : to re-regulate everything .
14 The form of ‘ unofficial ’ war which they fought was more characteristic of brigandage and open robbery , but it would be wrong to assume that those who constituted the Companies were all , of necessity , men of criminal background or low degree .
15 While not necessarily accepting the fatalism of this argument , it would be wrong to assume that the balance of power between the sexes can be changed simply by persuading more girls to take ‘ boys ’ subjects ' : the issue is clearly too complex to justify simplistic remedies .
16 However , it would be wrong to assume that the future will be dominated by a material , objectified consciousness .
17 One is that it would be wrong to assume that all or even most judges have viewed the distinction in a purely instrumental fashion .
18 It would be wrong to assume that only those who were privileged with the franchise were concerned with the outcome of electoral contests , since those without the right to vote were often able to make their feelings known through demonstrations or riots , which became increasingly common features of electoral contests at this time .
19 Likewise it would be wrong to assume that economic difficulties worked to push the gentry increasingly into the Tory camp .
20 It would be wrong to assume that trade unions have had no effect on these matters .
21 The elaboration and detail of the scheme and the variety of techniques available under it to protect investors suggests that it would be wrong to assume that the statute and its rulemaking powers should be interpreted as being in the shadow of the common law .
22 The collection at Woodstock has goodness knows how many silk wedding dresses , but it would be wrong to assume that every Victorian woman went round dressed in a white silk wedding dress , because they did n't .
23 As with all the social services , it would be foolish to assume that executors of policy on the ground are always the obedient poodles of those who think up grand designs .
24 Erm , it 's again recognized in the S S As that it is more social factors that impact on the need to spend on children 's services , and therefore things like single parent families , the level of family income and these tend to have a greater impact , but it would be foolish to assume that with a higher child population you are not going to get more demands on children 's services , and therefore we have provided a fifty thousand pounds ' provision within that to take care of problems .
25 However enjoyable it was , it would be dangerous to assume that yesterday 's party can continue .
26 It would be dangerous to assume that this balance of topics necessarily reflects the Authority 's PNP priorities very accurately .
27 ‘ On the other hand , ’ Doctor Staples said , ‘ it would be unscientific to assume that this had anything to do with his lung collapse .
28 It would be natural to assume that this attempt to create a rift between Offa and the papacy occurred before the visit of the legates in 786 and that the visit was part of a process of reconciliation , but this is not wholly justified for Hadrian 's letter could date to the late rather than the mid-780s , and reflect hostility to one or more of a number of Offa 's actions .
29 Courses vary a great deal in both their length and the number of people who attend them , and it would clearly be unjustified to assume that a single course on one topic was outweighed by , say , five courses on another if the single course involved fifty teachers in a full day 's attendance each week for a term , while each of the five other courses lasted only a couple of hours and catered for half a dozen teachers .
30 It is not possible to identify the proportional contributions of student and supervisor to the publication , in terms of information content , but in the case of mapping assignments , it would be logical to assume that the student performed most of the fieldwork , deriving theoretical insights in later discussion with the supervisor and others .
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