Example sentences of "[prep] just over [num] per cent " in BNC.

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31 Approximately a quarter of those unemployed 12 months ago but in work on the survey date were employed on a temporary basis , compared to just over three per cent of those in employment at both dates .
32 While the 1981 Census put the proportion of all families that are one parent families at just over 14 per cent , the average in Inner London was 26.6 per cent .
33 Gross domestic product ( GDP ) growth rate in 1989 was estimated at just over 10 per cent , slightly lower than the 1988 growth rate of 11 per cent .
34 The accumulation rate for the ACCs peaked in 1970–1 at just over per cent — an increase of over 1 percentage point relative to the early sixties .
35 Estimates of the expected share of British exports of manufactures in world trade are necessarily crude but a conservative one puts it at at just over 11.0 per cent in 1975 as against an actual 9 percent [ Batchelor et al. , 1980 ; Panic , 1975 ] .
36 At just over 15 per cent it is 6 per cent lower than the least variable of the constituent shares ( BTR ) .
37 This meant that a " yes " vote was cast by just over 61 per cent of registered electors , and around 56 per cent of all Soviet citizens of voting age .
38 Between 1983 and 1986 , the only years for which comparable data is available , the total number of temporary workers other than participants in special programmes grew by just over five per cent .
39 They can calculate all too clearly that the average value of sterling has fallen 17.5 per cent , ( and over 25 per cent against the dollar ) since September , and the price of fuel and raw materials for industry has so far risen by just over 10 per cent , while retail prices have actually fallen .
40 THE number of bankruptcies in the first half of the year soared by 60 per cent , while company failures rose by just over 8 per cent .
41 Over the previous 12 months the portfolio underperformed its expected rate of return by just over 2.5 per cent .
42 For the whole sector it is much in line with the overall growth of GDP , but it is noteworthy that between 1951 and 1964 insurance , and banking and finance grew by nearly 50 per cent faster than GDP and between 1964 and 1973 by just over 90 per cent [ Matthews et al. , 1982 ] .
43 CO2 emissions in the UK were 3 per cent of the global total and , on current trends , were estimated to rise by just over 30 per cent by 2005 .
44 Wine imports over the same period were reduced by just over 40 per cent .
45 Then the OECD forecast that UK interest rates would be 13 per cent by the end of 1989 , which would allow the economy to grow by just over 2 per cent next year and inflation to rise by 5 ¾ per cent .
46 Here , fortunately , beer sales are increasing by just over 2 per cent per annum , or in terms of malt an additional requirement of 250,000 tonnes each year .
47 The Council of State ( its constitutional decision making role , which the previous Stroessner regime had ignored , restored by Rodriguez ) on April 14 had decreed a 30 per cent increase in civil servants ' wages and increased the national budget by just over 33 per cent .
48 Turnover jumped by just over 22 per cent , from £532.6 million to £650.1 million , boosted by acquisitions .
49 When one reflects on how unpopular our own Government becomes with a recession which causes GDP to fall by just over 3 per cent from its 1990 peak , it is scarcely surprising that the reform programme in Russia has provoked widespread discontent .
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