Example sentences of "[noun sg] of control over the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The programmers in the company initially had a good deal of control over the computer installation , which provoked management to cut down their influence .
2 But the price of obtaining the destruction of working-class power and organization was a loss of control over the state by the bourgeoisie and nobility .
3 The family 's loss of control over the youth is crucial to his development in sport , for , if there was a more balanced social management within the West Indian community , it is likely that the vibrance and energy expended in sport could be directed into more orthodox areas .
4 The decline of pre-marital pregnancy during the late nineteenth century was probably therefore less the product of adoption of middle-class values than the consequence of the felt loss of control over the consequence of heterosexual relations .
5 It gives you a level of control over the configuration that is cleaner and quicker than anything DR-DOS offers in its question and answer CONFIG.SYS functionality .
6 Somehow if I could only know what he was doing and who he was seeing , that gave me some kind of control over the situation .
7 A court must be able to exercise some measure of control over the cases which are brought before it , to prevent injustice to either party and to ensure that the various issues can be fully and effectively dealt with .
8 The vital role ( which contemporaries fully appreciated ) played by such relatively small ports as Le Crotoy , at the mouth of the river Somme , in the period 1420–50 , together with the fact that the ports of Dieppe and Harfleur were among the first places to be snatched from English control in 1435 ( leaving them with Cherbourg as the only port from which they could maintain regular links with England between 1435 and 1440 , a vital period in the military history of the occupation ) , shows how important the Burgundian connection was to both main protagonists as they struggled to acquire and maintain a measure of control over the sea .
9 Its directors had to sustain wars in Asia , try to devise means of governing newly conquered Indian provinces , and cope with the demands of the national government and of Parliament for an ever greater measure of control over the Company .
10 Fourth , the holder of a floating charge will have some measure of control over the company even without taking any steps to enforce it .
11 Thus we require participatory democracy to give the individual a real measure of control over the life and structure of his/her environment .
12 Among positive rights , we should include the rights : to have all one 's experience and knowledge assessed in the admissions process ; to determine the subjects studied ; to have a legitimate measure of control over the pace and the methods of study ; to be able to follow a particular academic interest , or develop a point of view of one 's own ; to be examined in ways which do justice to the student 's achievements ; and to be credited with those parts of a course which have been passed successfully ( should the student wish or need to move to another institution , or to take a break in the programme of study ) .
13 Lastly , a charge affords a chargee a measure of control over the business of the debtor company .
14 If they were both to preserve a measure of control over the wage structure in a capitalist economy and to win adequate state pensions for their members , then a retirement condition was inevitable .
15 The secondary ( vertical ) line is used to fire the shutter and also exercises a measure of control over the kite train .
16 The second priority will be the division of your holding into a number of main blocks , depending upon your acreage , to give you a measure of control over the grazing of your pastures , to separate groups of stock ( e.g. rams from ewes ) , and to shut off fields for hay or arable crops .
17 Certainly , the Parliament of the United Kingdom has a number of other functions and one of these , the exercise of control over the Executive , is of fundamental importance to the constitution of the United Kingdom .
18 They might see it as better to take-over their main supplier , even if it means that company losing some existing orders from competing manufacturers of food products ; * buyers may deliberately seek international suppliers , so as to maintain their choice and retain some degree of control over the prices and terms of supply .
19 Since this case law was developed in the context of the exercise of delegated powers by the Commission , it would seem highly unlikely that the Court would wish to exercise a greater degree of control over the exercise of original legislative power by the Council of Ministers .
20 LDCs ' governments also insisted on domestically-generated funds being used to finance economic development programmes and thus sought a greater degree of control over the operations of British banks .
21 This explains why the Commission wishes to exercise some degree of control over the freedom to subsidise .
22 Castile itself had been named after the fortresses built along the border between Christian and Moslem Spain , and essentially those who held these castles held the greatest degree of control over the lands on either side .
23 The government had been thinking about ways for the administration to maintain some degree of control over the colonies since the mid-1650s ; in 1675 Charles set up the first organization to establish any record of continuity , a sign that his possessions overseas were settling down into some sort of discernible order .
24 The House of Commons was moving forward to assert a greater degree of control over the colonies than before ; partly to evade this , William created a Board of Trade and Plantations , made up of civil servants and privy councillors , that was unlikely to pay much more attention to the Commons than its predecessor , the Lords of Trade , had done .
25 One way of avoiding most of the problems associated with legislative guide-lines , while still ensuring a reasonable degree of control over the way sentencers exercise their discretion , would be to hand over the task of preparing the guide-lines to an independent sentencing commission or council , of the kind proposed by Ashworth ( 1993a : 447 , 1997 : 91 ) .
26 In addition to imitation , there are a number of other procedures designed to give the teacher or therapist some degree of control over the child 's language production .
27 Will Ministers be prepared to surrender the close degree of control over the Prison Service to which they have grown accustomed , and to the extent necessary to allow a Chief Executive the freedom required for true agency status ?
28 The feeling is growing that since the occupiers of rural land benefit considerably from tax-payers ' money then tax-payers should have access to , and a degree of control over the use of such land .
29 Using the Light Rifle about 10′ from a 22″ television set gave a reasonable degree of control over the game .
30 The Home Secretary performs the following functions in relation to all police forces : ( a ) Some degree of control over the appointment and dismissal of senior officers .
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