Example sentences of "[noun sg] [prep] a long period [prep] " in BNC.

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31 In Britain these are in a state of flux although there has been much discussion about the role of the inspector over a long period of time .
32 Instead that sense has to be nurtured by more direct experience over a long period of time .
33 The results they obtained suggested a close relationship between changes in the United States ' money supply and changes in money national income over a long period of time .
34 However , at Cosmeston the archaeologist has the opportunity to excavate a large portion of the settlement over a long period of time and to use the results to shed light on sites where the excavators have not been so fortunate .
35 The length of time it has been operation will determine how much money she gets back , but it is unlikely to have made much of a profit , because endowments are designed to make money over a long period of time .
36 It means you have to keep club staff there for a lot longer , till about 6.30 , and that people spend their money over a longer period of time .
37 the nature of the caring relationship is likely to be based on love and mutual support over a long period of time .
38 In the Covermaster Plan , Andrew , there 's something called waiver of premium , what this means to you is that if you 're off work through illness for a long period of time , Abbey 's going to pay the premiums for you .
39 Two years of stability after a long period of severe hyperinflation have meant that Argentine publishing has begun to show some solidly healthy results .
40 He has been a doughty fighter over a long period in favour of the use of democracy and dialogue and in condemnation of the use of violence .
41 He went on ‘ improving ’ this poem over a long period of years so that the text usually printed shows many alterations from the original .
42 To give judgment upon these presentments , the ancient machinery of the Forest Eyre was once more set in motion after a long period of general disuse .
43 The view that the major industrial nations are in a period of transition — at the end of a long period of industrialism and entering a new phase of post-industrialism — pre-dates the onset of deindustrialization and the debates around the issue .
44 By the 1690s , at the end of a long period of exceptionally rapid growth , London was by far the largest urban settlement in Europe , and poised to assume its later role as a metropolis .
45 We 're seeing the end of a long period of Cold War which effectively the West have won because they have kept their defences up , er and I think as Tom King , he was out here last week , has said we need to keep a strong force here to make sure that the Soviets keep their side of the bargain and er start a withdrawal at some stage .
46 Should we dump everything down onto a long-term storage medium and select at the end of a longer period of time with the benefit of historical hindsight , say after 25 years ?
47 The warrant boom of 1987–89 was the last phase of a long period of dramatic change for Japanese companies and their bankers .
48 A timetable for an orderly sale with a longer period for developing relationships with purchasers than may be necessary in a rushed sale is included in Section 1102.5 .
49 It reached its present form over a long period of time during which there have been numerous law changes — not all of which have achieved their desired result , as Ian Kirkpatrick , Rutherford 's South African counterpart , was the first to point out .
50 I think the question remains or that my doubts remain that there will be a level of there will that one can assume a level of commitments which would be it would be sensible to try and draw back from or phase over a longer period of time .
51 As to who would provide the care she said that where there is care over a long period of time , families often stop employing carers through an agency .
52 But many parents would clearly be unable to make this type of commitment and there will be mentally handicapped people , just as there are many ordinary people , who find themselves without an occupation for a long period of their lives .
53 Moreover , since the use of thrombolytic agents and aspirin in patients with myocardial infarction improves short and long term survival we would expect to have to give any additional treatment for a longer period to a larger number of patients to show a further reduction in mortality .
54 We have had a problem for a long period of time now on high conductivity .
55 We therefore laid our plans and moved out in good order over a long period of time .
56 To begin with , literacy in general was not , of course , independently invented in Greece , as Goody and Watt recognise : the form of literacy particular to Greece developed from the Semitic writing system over a long period of time .
57 The majority of other types of skin cancer are the result of continued exposure to sunlight over a long period of time .
58 It also prevents one from churning out the same stuff of conversation over a long period to different people ( to use words at people ) which is using those people as hard reflective surfaces and not , as I feel properly , soft digestive reflective surfaces .
59 The team at Oxford 's cancer fund are now planning longer term research with other organisations world-wide to assess the effects of tamoxifen over a longer period of time to see if it can continue saving lives .
60 Many of the submerged banks and the bottoms of the lagoons of the atolls seem to be at a remarkably uniform depth , as one would expect if they represent an important phase of planation during a long period of preglacial stability .
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