Example sentences of "[pers pn] be assume that [pron] be " in BNC.

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1 The first decision — and I am assuming that you are choosing the frame before the pressed flower design has been created — is to decide what shape of picture you want .
2 I 'm assuming that it was suicide following … ’
3 cos I 'm assuming that there are some people who when it actually comes to the crunch
4 You 're putting the meal up fifteen percent , and you 're assuming that you 're going to charge them two pounds for the attendance to that centre .
5 so obviously she 's assuming that she 's talking to Elvis , but er , she ca n't prove it
6 Clearly state that , we 're assuming that you are going to divide er divert the footpath , we 're not going to .
7 Because many old people are poor , or mentally or physically frail , it is assumed that they are also rigid , unable to learn , unable to make new relationships , and so on .
8 As with his genealogical history , Foucault 's meditations on power are not themselves without problems , but reactions to them can also be too hastily dismissive , often because it is assumed that they are proposed as a general theory .
9 It is assumed that he was arrested on suspicion of being an American spy .
10 No record exists of his education and it is assumed that he was privately tutored .
11 ( The discrepancy could perhaps be explained if it is assumed that there is also a weak preference to continue with the first-named character . )
12 Although there is only a single Doom Diver model it is assumed that there is an infinite supply of would-be Doom Divers ready and waiting to be thrown into the air .
13 It is assumed that there is sufficient uniformity to facilitate the specification of situations and circumstances that make it more , or less , likely to occur .
14 The Aristotelian view , as I have interpreted it , ‘ works ’ only to the extent that it is assumed that there is no problem about what I shall call ‘ the autonomy of desires ’ .
15 It is assumed that there is no entry/exit of firms , the dominant firms face constant average and marginal operating costs , and blenders have , at least initially , a £10 mark-up over costs .
16 Although not discussed at the Forum meeting , and since the local authority directors are nominated on an agreed two year cycle , it is assumed that there is no opposition to Councillors , and being appointed to complete their second year .
17 There is no crew as such because the Doom Diver effectively launches himself , although it is assumed that there are a number of Doom Divers ready and willing to step forward and be catapulted into the air .
18 Again , when an early riser in urgent need of coffee complains , ‘ The gas wo n't light ’ , it is assumed that there are substances in the world that can be grouped under the concept ‘ gas ’ , and that some of them , at least , ignite .
19 It is assumed that there were no stock differences either at head office or at the branch for Year 41 .
20 It is assumed that you are using version 5.0 of the program and that the original settings on the program disk are in force .
21 It is assumed that it is ‘ natural ’ ( ie healthy ) to love and protect children .
22 It is assumed that it is only the field man who ‘ really knows ’ what is happening ‘ out there ’ .
23 The danger of adopting a systems approach uncritically is that it is assumed that it is sufficient to identify system structures and to portray the multitudinous variables involved in a particular system which then reinforces the first law of ecology as graphically described by Commoner ( 1972 ) that everything is connected to everything else .
24 For the purpose of answering the second part of the question he should state that he is assuming that he is wrong in his answer to the first .
25 It was assumed that what was being measured was a property of the personality .
26 The actual facts ' of who was arrested during the riots , whether black or white , were hardly debated since it was assumed that they were mostly black and mostly unemployed and involved with crime ( Keith , 1987 ) .
27 certainly it was assumed that there was some kind of organized network
28 When he had not returned by lam , it was assumed that he was the wanted man .
29 He was thirty-five to forty and it was assumed that he was an army intelligence officer .
30 ( That the government was ready for a strike was a widespread interpretation of its appointment of Ian MacGregor to chair the NCB from September 1983 on ; MacGregor chaired British Steel in 1980–1 , a period encompassing its major dispute , and was believed responsible for the major cuts in job levels ; it was assumed that he was expected to achieve the same in the coal industry . )
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