Example sentences of "[verb] up all over the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Very few films are about rape , although it crops up all over the place — from the narrative device launching an endless cycle of Death Wish movies , to general ’ scene-setting ’ in war movies and crime thrillers , or used with sublime insensitivity to illuminate ( male ) character : Robert De Niro raping his childhood sweetheart in Once Upon A Time In America , Bob Hoskins forcing himself on the maid in The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne .
2 Slack planning laws mean hotels are growing up all over the place , said Nick — who quickly threw out his own idea that the West has all the answers to the problems .
3 They 're growing up all over the place and as you say , Ernie he he he did say about education but whose gon na run education in the future same as social services , you 'll soon find they 'll social services up into the health service .
4 Yeah I know but they do n't turn up and you get all tangled up all over the place
5 The wind-chill factor was obvious , but the wind-skill factor was non-existent and a series of nasty vendettas sprung up all over the pitch .
6 Laura , you let me throw up all over the alley , all over Bill 's cab .
7 ‘ If I have to watch you any longer I 'll throw up all over the table . ’
8 People will puke up all over the place and since it 's your fault , you 'll have to clear up the mess .
9 following the Robbins Committee Report in 1963 new universities sprang up all over the country and tertiary education in general was in a state of unexampled euphoria .
10 In the relatively affluent days of the 70s and early 80s leisure centres , squash courts and swimming pools sprang up all over the place , much of it made available through international funds .
11 It started to rain again , a light drizzle that caused umbrellas to pop up all over the place .
12 After what seemed like several hours but was probably only a few minutes , we heard an aircraft approaching , and heads popped up all over the hut .
13 Purple and yellow crocuses were popping up all over the lawn , the hard winter outlines of shrubs and trees were blurred by new growth like the fuzz on an adolescent 's upper lip , even the rows of savagely pruned rosebushes at the front of the house , separated by concrete walkways like a cemetery of spider crabs buried upside-down , were shoving out shoots and buds .
14 The Darling Buds Of May returned and suddenly Miss Zeta Jones was popping up all over the place .
15 Ethno-religious conflicts have sprung up all over the world in recent years .
16 The Interflora boom and Smiths devotees were sprouting up all over the place with their obnoxious shirts and silly haircuts .
17 After that for six days little smoke columns seemed to be sprouting up all over the forest , now here , now there , but only for an hour or two .
18 Anwar blew up all over the place .
19 Although Wilhelm 's army was no match for the total power of the Waaagh , Grom 's forces were split up all over the Empire into many small armies .
20 Reform circles were springing up all over the country , calling for Mr Grosz 's dismissal .
21 Much of this is undoubtedly true but perhaps not true enough to justify the industries springing up all over the country offering simplistic solutions like food supplements and gymnasia .
22 Then there were new Switchboards springing up all over the place , sometimes with more enthusiasm than resources and occasionally with decidedly dubious intent or policy .
23 Since no self-respecting modern cookbook leaves herbs out of its recipes , since courses in herbal medicine are springing up all over the place , and since cosmetics which rely on plants are taking the place of the synthetic beauty treatments what , one might ask , is a herb ?
24 We 've got heathers , bushes and trees springing up all over the place .
25 So I go back and I 'm standing in the doorway , and there 's this kid on the bed and he 's thrown up all over the cover and now he 's starting to shake .
26 It 's one of hundreds being put up all over the country and residents say it was put there without planning permission or consultation .
27 Of course , the well-groomed head of modern Bruges pops up all over the place to remind you that this is not really a medieval theme park at all .
28 Lasting impressions so far : the sun ( miraculously ) shining on the slopes of Dalwhinnie , far in the north , on the first leg of the journey ; stumbling across Drew from the World Cup holiday in a motorway café somewhere in England in the middle of the night ; breakfast and mineral water with Claire ( oh , it was good to see her ) in an Italian cafe near London Victoria ; people throwing up all over the joint on the Seacat crossing to Boulogne ( and me staggering about , legs way out of control , on the deck , getting soaked by the spray , saltwater taste in the mouth , and a rainbow arcing on top of the water behind the catamaran ) ; complaining English and American tourist ( ‘ It 's ridiculous that we have to go through customs — why do we have to go through customs anyway ? … ) ; terrible fatigue on the train to Paris , and temperamental French men shouting and swearing at each other in the aisle ; relief at finding Angela 's flat in Paris ; difficult negotiation of the very narrow stairwell , finally finding her way at the top on the 6th floor ; food , and wine , and a shower , and a bed-settee for the night ; Japanese tourists at Notre Dame , and a man announcing his state of poverty and homelessness on the Métro — ‘ ‘ .
29 Hold your breath , now sit forward a couple of inches and now tense up all over the body , tighter , tighter .
30 With a £250,000 advance under his belt , Mr Seth has created a best-seller and with rights being snapped up all over the world he is well on his way to becoming a millionaire .
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