Example sentences of "[noun] over a [num] year period " in BNC.

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1 Third , as we monitored our representative sample of schools over a three year period , we could perceive some of them undergoing a process of structural transition , shifting away from the simple two-tier model towards departmentalism and/or a matrix structure .
2 This was how a Florida man described the graffiti with which he defaced a couple of hundred public library books over a three year period between 1977 and 1980 .
3 The result over a two year period is a range of display material that has been exclusively designed and manufactured , and is now available to retailers throughout the country .
4 Formol saline fixed , paraffin embedded Crosby capsule jejunal biopsy specimens were collected by reviewing the archives of the Royal Infirmary Pathology Department over a five year period .
5 Manning , unemployed , of High Street , Standish , Wigan , admitted raping three women and assaulting two of them causing actual bodily harm over a five year period .
6 In 1985 , the Industry and Employment Committee committed funds over a three year period for an initiative in New Technology .
7 von Scheidt et al assessed haemodynamic variables over a 5 year period ( mean 26 months ) in patients after heart transplantation and confirmed preserved and normal left ventricular contractility in most cases .
8 The study found twenty-one students had taken their own lives over a fourteen year period , and more than two hundred and fifty others attempted suicide.Simon Garrett reports .
9 The study will combine DTI Company Statistics with London Business School 's London Share Price Data Base to provide details on the top executive pay , company characteristics and share price performance for a sample of large companies over a twenty year period .
10 One company in the food processing and distribution market claimed that it experienced a 50% reduction in absenteeism from 8% to 4% over a three year period .
11 The scheme was administered by the Brewers ' Society and involved the exchange of some 1,000 pubs over a five year period ( source : British Drink Profile , Halliday Associates , 1979 ) .
12 Some of these children , if they were given this attention over a two year period , could overcome this and go into the secondary school able to cope and take their place alongside the other children , and this is desperately important .
13 In conclusion , this study shows an absolute increase in the incidence of proximal gastric tumours in a defined population over a 20 year period .
14 The current project is scheduled to take place over a 5 year period , with a budget set at 500k .
15 The report looked at the use of DSS to support R & D project selection over a 10 year period for ICI Pharmaceuticals .
16 His financial controller Roger Richardson came up with a system of false accounting , which enabled them to borrow millions of pounds over a three year period and keep the company going .
17 Behavioural item check lists were completed by the mothers and teachers which provided assessments of several different behavioural dimensions and behavioural changes over a 5 year period will be analysed with respect to specific life events , life circumstances and primary school experience .
18 Simulation tends to be used in problems where mathematical solutions are not possible , or where long time scales are involved ( eg predicting — population changes over a 30 year period ) , or where there is no other way of tackling the problem ( eg charting space-satellite trajectories ) .
19 The evening turned out to be a spectacular climax to a year of consolidated growth for Embassy tennis , a tribute to its commitment to the game over a three year period .
20 The reforestation programme , targeting to plant 7.5 million trees over a seven year period , is on its way .
21 What it does n't currently offer is Unix SVR4 compatibility , and Solbourne commits only to a gradual migration to Solaris over a two year period .
22 Twenty thousand women had their tests rechecked when it was disclosed mistakes were made in the labs at Inverclyde Hospital in Greenock over a five year period .
23 Staff at South Tyrone Hospital are now combing through all their patients ' files over a three year period between 1988 and 1990 .
24 In figure 9.14 , negative perceptions about the performance of the economy in the previous twelve months and pessimism about the economy in the following twelve months are plotted on the same scales over a six year period .
25 Referrals received from all sources requesting a section assessment over a one year period were included in this study .
26 Because there is no oxygen in the tips , methane forms , and each tonne of rubbish can produce up to 250 cubic metres of gas over a ten year period .
27 He may feel he can get 2 or 3 lucrative moves over a 10 year period .
28 A survey was undertaken of all referrals for compulsory admission received by a city mental health centre over a one year period .
29 The Gold Award is made to organisations in recognition of achieving either a consistently good or continuously improving performance over a 4 year period .
30 Cos even National Savings cycle over a five year period , and what you want to achieve is money coming back into your hands regularly over that period so you can take another look at what you 're doing .
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