Example sentences of "[noun] and [noun] all over the " in BNC.

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1 AS FANS and players all over the country were being invited to stage a sit-down protest against all-seater stadia , ITV executives last night admitted they are seeking an exclusive multimillion pound deal to televise Premier League games .
2 Clearly , the computer provided the ideal way to process the mass of information contained in personnel records in offices and depots all over the United Kingdom .
3 The job involved visiting mining camps , quarries and oilfields all over the world selling explosives and it gave Haslam his first taste of the excitement of travel , something that has remained with him all his life .
4 Just blood and bones all over the sand .
5 Both are chilling tales : blood and guts all over the place as a teenager pumps a shotgun at her school fellows in Monster , while in The Train a bunch of high school friends travelling from Chicago to San Francisco confess their guilty and vicious secrets before falling victim to savage revenge .
6 There was blood and glass all over the road .
7 Food American Style — or British if you prefer — is available at dozens of restaurants and kiosks all over the Park .
8 especially under the influence of the " debased dialect of the Cockney … which is spreading from our schools and training.colleges all over the country .
9 Through discussion , with chalk lines and discs all over the floor , a pattern began to emerge .
10 ‘ If I had teeth and tentacles all over the place that 's just the sort of message I 'd send .
11 Anyway , to come back to Oxford : While editing this issue of the magazine , I was confronted every day with the contrast between the university and education all over the world .
12 If you are after a session , do n't waste your time sending tapes and records all over the place .
13 So she did — her brother-in-law , a schoolteacher with a young growing family , a huge mortgage and debts all over the place .
14 Since last April 's farce , more than 60 innovative suggestions for alternative starting methods have flooded into Aintree from racing organisations and individuals all over the world .
15 We talked to health workers and campesinos all over the country .
16 £1,500 worth of HTA National Garden Gift Tokens , which can be exchanged for plants and tools all over the country , can also be won .
17 The experiment on which this story was based has not been effectively repeated — but it sent a sufficient frisson through legislators and consumerists all over the world for subliminal advertising to have been solemnly banned in most countries where advertising is effectively controlled .
18 It also had an assortment of different-coloured knobs , a mixture of old and new bridge saddles , a custom bone nut , a left-handed vibrato , burn marks on the headstock and stickers all over the place .
19 It 's this region that produces half the country 's wealth … exporting tons of fish and timber all over the world .
20 We hope that by including a variety of cases we can inspire individuals and groups all over the country to take up arms on behalf of a threatened building in their neighbourhood .
21 And now we have fanatical variations of the Muslim faith breathin' hate and venom all over the Near East . ’
22 The little one was podgy with puppy fat and a front tooth missing and a ravishing smile and hair all over the place .
23 Woodstock is remembered as both the epoch and grand decline of the hippy dream , well that 's one story but here 's another — black rock 's firegod at the peak of his powers screwing , stabbing , firing diamond cast dreams and nightmares all over the fin-de- siècle '60s musical epoch .
24 Each letter published will win its writer a £10 National Garden Gift Token , exchangeable at 1,500 garden centres , nurseries and shops all over the UK and any Interflora shop .
25 Each letter published will win its writer a £10 National Garden Gift Token , exchangeable at 1,500 garden centres , nurseries and shops all over the UK and any Interflora shop .
26 There were lumps and bumps all over the place , accompanied by intense itching .
27 Thus , women 's work in domestic food production has remained largely invisible ( see Boserup , 1970 ; Petritsch , 1985 ) , while the role of the TNCs is broadcast from television , radio , newsprint and billboards all over the Third World .
28 For pure nostalgia the Alternative Exhibition has displays of Cadbury memorabilia large and small donated from attics and cupboards all over the country .
29 BCAR Chairman Steve Challis welcomed delegates from museums and groups all over the UK to the meeting , explaining that he thought BCAR to be ‘ probably one of the smallest groups in the BAPC ’ .
30 The application of systematic thinking to , for instance , the courses offered by the Open University has resulted in the production of syllabuses , learning methods and study materials which are not only of extremely high quality but are profoundly influencing the approach of teachers and administrators all over the world and at many levels of educational activity .
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