Example sentences of "[noun] [vb mod] be assumed to be " in BNC.

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1 This asserts that the demand for a company 's equity may be assumed to be flat ( perfectly elastic ) for all practical purposes and hence increases in supply will have no discernible effect on the price .
2 This type of deformation causes no dilatation and so the observed effects may be assumed to be due to one causes only — structural rearrangements which do not cause a change of volume .
3 This comfort assumes that the identities , which can be so effortlessly , even unconsciously , adopted in listening to a speech , are not in serious conflict : the categories of ‘ Conservative ’ , ‘ British ’ , ‘ right-thinking ’ all overlap and , in fact , without reflection might be assumed to be virtually synonymous .
4 Burrough ( 1986 ) suggests that the area of the map covered by lines can be assumed to be an area of uncertainty .
5 Power costs may be assumed to be 5.5p per kw/hr .
6 It was apparent that his attendance at the coming Party Conference must be assumed to be very unlikely , and that the question of replacing him as leader could arise .
7 In this chapter , however , we are focussing attention on the behaviour when the effect of such departures can be assumed to be slight .
8 As we noted , in the canonical situation of utterance , with the assumption of the unmarked deictic centre , RT can be assumed to be identical to CT ( Lyons ( 1977a : 685 ) calls this assumption deictic simultaneity ) .
9 One problem for the non-native speaker of English is to decide when a group can be assumed to be familiar .
10 The difference between the two types of selection may be assumed to be of psycholinguistic importance .
11 The planetary guard of a godling despot must be assumed to be numerous and very well armed — though how well experienced ?
12 These dimensions can be assumed to be strongly correlated with each other , so that a model of ‘ strong ’ corporatism can be constructed in terms of which specific countries can be ranked .
13 Subroutines are usually written to be " transparent " to the calling routine ; that is , the processor registers such as accumulators and condition codes can be assumed to be unaltered by the subroutine call , unless they are explicitly part of the subroutine linkage .
14 Donaldson may be assumed to be referring to the Duke of Hamilton 's mausoleum at Hamilton Palace which Bryce executed after Burn had departed for London .
15 in its statement of claim must be assumed to be correct .
16 The concept , now referred to as ‘ universal precautions , ’ stresses that all patients should be assumed to be infectious for HIV , HBV , and other blood-borne pathogens .
17 Simple pre-exposure may be assumed to be an effective method for reducing associability because it allows the rapid formation either of a strong stimulus — no event association or of associations among stimulus elements , just as consistent reinforcement allows the rapid formation of a strong CS-US association .
18 It is also the case that people 's sex can not be held to be an effect of their job or their work record ; sex must be assumed to be causally prior to both of these variables .
19 Firstly , by what mechanism do patients or consumers become insured and , secondly how is health care supplied and paid for ? [ … ] under the pure Type 11 model described here , effectively all residents of a locality would be assumed to be ‘ insured ’ with their local health authority .
20 Thus by overtly infringing some maxim , the speaker can force the hearer to do extensive inferencing to some set of propositions , such that if the speaker can be assumed to be conveying these then at least the over-arching cooperative principle would be sustained .
21 The copper can be assumed to be uniformly distributed across the section but it only occupies a fraction unc of the space available ; the current density in the copper is to be J.
22 This means that prices and wages may be assumed to be fixed in the short-run .
23 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
24 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
25 Other than in such cases of clear juxtaposition , dots can be assumed to be purposeful when there is graphic consistency , and especially when such consistency is combined with gentle expression .
26 The approximate savings per unit can be assumed to be 1 chef at £6,000 per annum per unit .
27 Functional studies were essentially positivist in nature and depended upon the notion that phenomena can be explained as instances of repeated and predictable regularities in which form and function can be assumed to be related , and indeed form and process figured in the titles of a number of books concerned with processes ( e.g. Carson and Kirkby , 1972 ; Gregory and Walling , 1973 ) .
28 Since the identity of one 's sexual partner may be assumed to be of fundamental significance , it is surely unjustified to give effect to this only where the mistake concerns whether the man is the woman 's husband ?
29 Although this proposition is wide enough to cover payment made in response to an illegal demand it was stated in the context of a court order of which the compulsitor must be assumed to be very much stronger than that of a mere demand which has yet to be enforced .
30 On this single trial the α-value of the target must be assumed to be at the ( low ) level produced by pre-exposure — however rapidly α tends to change in a new context , the change will require at least one trial to occur .
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