Example sentences of "over and above " in BNC.

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1 Which is not to say , he wrote , that the present project has any value over and above the others , mine and those of everyone else , I have been into the question of value already and will not return to it now , has any value or that its outcome has any value , I have to repeat this , simply that now , for me , today , after the things I have done and given the time left me , it is the most important thing , it is what , from the time I first picked up a pencil and made a mark on a piece of paper , everything has logically led up to .
2 When the officer said , ‘ You will be charged with sedition , over and above the mobbing , but in certain circumstances that might not be pressed , ’ Cameron distressed himself by making a small , indefinite sound which could well have been taken for agreement .
3 That was why he promoted the idea of the Grand Slam Trust Fund , an opportunity for the four Grand Slam tournaments , as the pinnacles of the game , to make a major contribution to the grass roots on a global basis , over and above the enormous funding they provide for tennis in their own countries .
4 That culture presupposed a high degree of what E. D. Hirsch calls ‘ cultural literacy ’ , particularly in respect of English history and the Christian and classical heritages , requiring competence in Latin and at least one modern language , as well as wide reading in English Literature over and above the demands of the curriculum .
5 It wants the Interim Advisory Committee , which will determine the profession 's pay increase for the 1990-91 year , to be allowed to remedy the error by using new money over and above the £600m limit the Government has set on the global sum available for any increase .
6 The permission of the Chief Constable was also a disadvantage in the field because it raised doubts among respondents about the purpose of the researcher 's questions over and above those that naturally arise from the political situation in Northern Ireland .
7 It may be argued that the King had a special responsibility to preserve the agreement , in that , in a country such as Britain without a codified constitution , there is no reference point , no pouvoir neutre , over and above the exigencies of party politics .
8 All these examples suggest that there is something else , over and above a response of the body to our life-style and environment .
9 The Birmingham case differed from the Guildford one , he said , with evidence over and above uncorroborated statements .
10 But it was the rise over and above the increase in real incomes which caused most grief for inflation and the payments balance .
11 In previous recessions , governments have added to the budget deficit , over and above the automatic increase caused by the business cycle .
12 That in turn is simply ( but not uncontroversially ) defined : the buyer is paying for the future flows of cash that the firm is expected to generate , over and above its costs .
13 He also found that Locke , once having made a similar distinction , provided no good reason for belief in a world over and above the ideas we have of it .
14 In Bateman ( 1925 ) , where a doctor had attended the confinement of a woman who died whilst giving birth , the Court of Criminal Appeal held that there must be negligence over and above that which is sufficient to establish civil liability , and which shows ‘ such disregard for the life and safety of others ’ as to deserve punishment .
15 It is accepted that not every ‘ foul ’ committed in breach of the rules amounts to a crime , and it seems to be assumed that players do , and may lawfully , consent to physical force over and above the minimum permitted by the rules .
16 Another justification for having separate ‘ public order ’ offences is that group activities of this kind may , over and above the features discussed above , constitute a special threat to law enforcement and the political system .
17 I despise the idea and practice of blood sports , but this violent reaction threw up a profile of wildly inconsistent attitudes which puzzles me ; how is it that fox hunting is legal and fishing is the most popular outdoor recreational activity in Britain , yet badger killing invokes a desire for public retribution — lynch mob fever , almost — over and above the punishment of the courts ?
18 There were dangers in this silence — Wilson well understood that the steady remittance of funds for the care of Oreste constituted a claim on him over and above that of natural parentage — but she thought them worth risking .
19 But over and above other factors such as the growing disenchantment , after long experience , with the Auld Alliance , and the beginning of awareness that living at peace with the English might be better than suffering the massive destruction inflicted during the Rough Wooing , there was one compelling new element : Protestantism .
20 ‘ At a 40 p.c. marginal rate of tax the real yield over and above inflation is 3¼ p.c .
21 However , it is believed to be in the region of £15 million a year for the world-wide rights , plus a percentage of profits over and above that figure .
22 At the time I am speaking of , over and above the crofters with their tiny , and often sub-divided , holdings there were several thousand squatters in Lewis .
23 A pilot scheme , using one welfare rights worker , indicated the potential of a specialist approach to welfare rights which concentrated solely on the needs of people with learning difficulties : it raised an extra £20,000 over and above existing benefits .
24 Your answers will dictate the contents of your tool kit — over and above the essential general-purpose tools described earlier .
25 An allowance from her father over and above her paltry salary enabled her to buy these commodities whenever , and indeed wherever , they were available .
26 We were a little discomfited by the request , but agreed to accede to it this once ; but when we realised that it was to be a regular arrangement , we knew that we should have to move again , for over and above the inconvenience of being put out of our room , we were sure that our landlady did not even change the sheets .
27 Their deeper action over and above that of repeated low potency centesimals seems plain and although I have no evidence I feel that high centesimals would probably have aggravated and made more difficult the roundabout route which we followed .
28 Normally there 's no problem filling all the orders I get from the Heymouth hotels and others in the area , with dozens of braces over and above that to send to Edinburgh , Glasgow and London .
29 The practice was one ‘ to be discouraged ’ , though the Court sympathized with the magistrates ’ ‘ uphill task of dealing with literally hundreds of cases over and above their normal list ’ .
30 For classifications involve considerations of reason and policy over and above mere empirical data .
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