Example sentences of "do [not/n't] go " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 This would , necessarily , ignore the fact that many criminals do not go to prison , and that , perhaps , people in prison are not always criminal .
32 However , teenagers do not go out saying to themselves that they are going to smash a couple of telephone boxes or fight another group of teenagers .
33 Do not go to the garden of flowers !
34 A focus group would be a most interesting way of beginning work on the previously noted research into why some people do and why some people do not go to the theatre , but the results of such discussion would be hypothesis-provoking only , not in any way hypothesis-testing .
35 Two upper floors together accommodate nearly 2,200 men , each having his numbered place with table , while adjacent staff premises contain steam ovens , tea and coffee brewing and usual appliances for meeting the needs of those workmen who do not go home for meals during the day .
36 The message was quite blunt : ‘ Do not go . ’
37 He says that automatic alarms that warn of radioactivity on clothes have been ‘ arbitrarily ’ adjusted so that the alarms do not go off too often .
38 Most snakes do not go this far .
39 If you hike down here ( a much wiser thing to do at this time of year ) the Grand Canyon Department of Arbitrary Silly Rules and Regulations have erected signs that read ‘ Do not go beyond this point without water . ’
40 Then ‘ Do not go beyond this point without food . ’
41 And finally ‘ Do not go beyond this point without your credit card . ’
42 Adult cats do not go for walks together .
43 In any case Kent County Council is concerned that they do not go far enough and has produced its own traffic strategy designed to reduce the pressure on smaller roads .
44 It seems that reasonable cars and the black community , at least in the eyes of the police , do not go together .
46 Although you should be helpful and guide the candidate through the interview do not go too far and start ‘ pointing ’ him or her at the right answers .
47 That will help insure you do not go into debt due to unforeseen , but inevitable , emergencies .
48 Do not go on to fill in the objectives list until you and your partner have begun negotiations on your expectations .
49 Do not go to EuroDisney , or patronise anywhere or anything with a capital letter in the middle of its name .
50 When things do not go his way , he calls the effort a failure .
51 Doubts like this crystallize at one or two points , either where the presuppositions are so mixed and unsatisfactory that they are inaccurate , or where the presuppositions are true as far as they go but do not go far enough and so are incomplete .
52 Parents should ensure that young children do not go rockpooling unaccompanied , because there are dangers even on innocuous shores .
53 It is an activity of the brave and strong and not of the cowardly , for ‘ Cowardice and Ahimsā do not go together any more than water and fire . ’
54 The French do not go in for diphthongs but have at least one vowel sound that almost defeats the Anglo-Saxon .
55 Inquests and births do not go well together .
56 E. M. Byrde , the Police Magistrate at Anuradhapura in 1896 , noted that ‘ cattle stealers do not go about , as witnesses would wish one to believe , removing stolen cattle in broad daylight or along frequented high roads by moonlight . ’
57 While other respondents do not go this far , some are concerned about Cadbury 's application to small listed companies .
58 Here in the west , many workers do not go — they have too much to lose !
59 Conversely , sixty-three per cent of those who do not go to church report that none of their friends or acquaintances has ever invited them ’ ( McGavran and Hunter 1980:33 , 34 ) .
60 Yes , in that they do not go out like a candle on death ; so far natural justice is satisfied .
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