Example sentences of "'s talking to " in BNC.

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31 I mean somebody 's talking to you about something different .
32 Cos Tim 's talking to me as well , and I 'm not being that clever .
33 so obviously she 's assuming that she 's talking to Elvis , but er , she ca n't prove it
34 Ooh thought you were talking to me she 's talking to you .
35 She 's talking to you Luce .
36 talk about , I do n't know what it is about her I do n't like her , very often I sort of she , to me she 's sarcastic , the way , the way she 's talking to you there 's sarcasm there all the time , you know , like
37 but it 's now erm , if the phone rings and he picks it up ah , er and he 's talking to someone on the phone someone else tries to ring
38 She 's not on the phone , she 's talking to me mum .
39 Just a minute mummy 's talking to me .
40 got talking about Sun readers , there was this girl and she , she was stood on this podium and she , she 's talking to The Express and The Guardian and going like that and their taking photographs of her and then you sort of pan round , the camera pans round and you 've got The Star and the Sun going like that fucking its really funny , The Sun and The Star in it
41 Well he 's talking to the good man , is n't he .
42 Granddad 's talking to you
43 She 's talking to me there so I have to .
44 I thought , I hope she knows who he 's talking to !
45 Seven o'clock tonight it 's er Radio Nottingham Sport and it 's Colin on tonight , and er John from ten until midnight with a behind the scenes look at This Is Your Life with Roy and John 's talking to Geoff as well who 's er a painter of reproductions of art history .
46 you can do it because as you read through your notes as someone 's talking to you in the lecture you will be saying , Yeah of course of course .
47 Yeah he does look like but oi , you know that Spiderma oi oi , oi you know that Spiderman one you had yeah where deathlock is that was Spiderman and erm it erm and erm Spiderman 's talking to this guy and erm he 's he 's dressed in green and he looks just like erm death like erm Kill Power .
48 He 's talking to me and that with Stephanie Stephanie .
49 Hold on , the lad wants to know , he 's talking to you
50 You cos you know Bonnie yeah , sh she erm got offered a er job in Glitters in Camden yeah it 's a shop in Camden , and sh she told Honey and Dan about it yeah and the next thing she knows yeah like the next day , she 's talking to Dan and Honey and Honey comes out and says oh I went down to Glitters and asked for a job right said right to Honey 's face I mean Bonnie 's face .
51 Stop a minute , bend over , I 've got ta write down erm who 's talking to me .
52 Er er I just got ta write down who 's talking to me .
53 and half way through a composition he ca n't remember who he 's talking to and things like that
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