Example sentences of "not go [adv] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 Do not go on to fill in the objectives list until you and your partner have begun negotiations on your expectations .
32 Limited interests led to fewer social contacts ( one can not go on and on talking about nothing ) , and there was no doubt that her aural memory-bank was well in the red .
33 I need not go on because I know this will be familiar to all of us .
34 Just a few months ago , only the most rabid anti-royalist thought that the monarchy would not go on and on .
35 Perhaps I had better not go on in this way or things will get too mushy and pastoral after all .
36 It is obvious that things can not go on as they are .
37 However , this can not go on forever : there comes a stage when nuclear fusion to produce yet heavier elements requires energy , rather than producing it .
38 And if I were ill , someone else would take over , I need not go on with this .
39 And just in case I may say things I 'll be sorry for , I 'd better not go on , except for one last word .
40 After all , in a gruelling sport like wrestling you can not go on for ever . ’
41 We can not go on indefinitely . ’
42 Clearly this can not go on ; hence the reason the union , almost as soon as the 12-club leagues are in place , is wondering whether and how to reduce them again .
43 Generally , the cuckoo will not go on to take more than one egg , for , presumably , while the host tolerates the substitution or addition of an egg , it wo n't tolerate the loss of one .
44 She did not go on to express the next thought in her mind : thank goodness Annabel was going away to school , and very soon the association would be closed , for its continuance would create an impossible situation .
45 We can not go on like this , Dr Bissett . ’
46 Try telling bloody Downing Street ‘ we can not go on like this ’ . ’
47 ‘ I have to say it again , Dr Bissett , we can not go on like this . ’
48 What Hamilton could see was that the talents of Warner Bros had combined to produce a film that was not so much about the Legion as ‘ about the kind of short-sighted , uninformed and well-enough-meaning men who have to be given an understanding of what democracy really is so that they will not go on and on providing tools for such legions ’ .
49 From the fact that a mental process does not appear in introspection one can not infer that it does not go on at non-conscious levels of the mind .
50 Yet in practice this view was not extended to take in the case of gender : the advances made as a result of the critique of behaviourism and pluralism did not go on to question the assumptions and mechanisms that continue to define politics as the affair of men .
51 Only because it is assumed that if people understood the system in which they were involved they would not put up with it , and it would not go on .
52 Intel Corp 's storming first quarter figures ( see page seven ) have not gone down well everywhere , and Hancock Institutional Equity Services analyst Eli Sayegh reckons that there is not much more to go for in the stock : he yesterday downgraded Intel to sell from hold , saying he thinks the company is near peak operating margins at just over 40% , double the historical norm ; he said the company 's margins have been driven largely by a shift from the 80386 chip to the 80486 chip ‘ and this can not go on for too long ; ’ he reckons that Advanced Micro Devices Inc will immediately take 10% of the 80486 market with its planned clone , and could take as much as 25% over time ; his damper wiped $1.75 off Intel shares at $115.75 .
53 Anxiety symptoms do not go on increasing indefinitely .
54 I also feel that this country can not go on permitting the unrestricted sale of looted antiquities from abroad .
55 Since we can not go on struggling with one another indefinitely , Hegel says that one must submit to the other .
56 Alice could not go on playing .
57 We may not go on to assume that informed opinion then had already recognised the nature of the prospective problem , nor to attribute to the reforming Whigs a reactionary motive which depends on that assumption .
58 The same realization came to the King , pushed towards his precipice by Hardinge harshly telling him that he could not go on without a decision .
59 But for some reason Alice would not go on with that thought .
60 But it could not go on for ever , both of them knew that .
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