Example sentences of "be assumed that " in BNC.

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31 It is to be assumed that his results on the Flettner rotor are as valid .
32 But it can be assumed that many millions of poor rural women are caught in a vicious cycle : they eat food to get human energy , and then spend all this energy in producing food and collecting the energy needed to cook it .
33 For the young , there must have existed an inherited inborn enjoyment of life , for it can fairly safely be assumed that the pleasure experienced by them when at play , so obvious to modern man , must have been observable all through evolution .
34 For example , let it be assumed that at some time an individual has become entitled to the ownership of some goods , by virtue of an approved process designated ‘ good — .
35 This mode of study was too time-consuming to be suited to the part-time student and it had to be assumed that these benefits would be provided by the employer and the real-life work situation .
36 Invariably in well-established firms the work continues to flow from long tapped sources , but in the aggressive business climate facing the profession today it can no longer be assumed that this will continue .
37 While it can be assumed that routine bookkeeping and other financial support services are readily available , questions of profit-making and pricing are likely to cause the surveyor difficulties .
38 Whereas it used to be assumed that she would follow him around the country and around the world , it is now not uncommon for wives to decide to stay put in order to further their own careers , or so that they do not disrupt their children 's education .
39 While the number of programmes undertaken is not in itself an indicator of quality or effectiveness , it may be assumed that undertaking relatively little , or virtually no planned systematic training , is certain to be ineffective .
40 However , it is worth noting that this task of leading housegroups is one of the most difficult in the whole church and it should not be assumed that everyone will be able to do it .
41 It can , however , no longer be assumed that that is so , and in any case it is not clear that if a clergyman wishes to stand and electors wish him to represent them the mere fact that the churches do not like the idea has anything to do with matter .
42 But , as one eminent Scottish judge pointed out in MacCormick v Lord Advocate ( above ) , why should it be assumed that successive reconstituted Parliaments at Westminster have inherited the attribute of ‘ sovereignty ’ peculiar ( and , as is above suggested , perhaps with a limited meaning even then ) to the English Parliament .
43 If the retailers catalogue or other literature does not specifically state that a mains transformer is suitable for this parallel operation , it should be assumed that it is unsuitable for use in this manner .
44 It is sensible to treat all raw meat and poultry with extreme care as it must be assumed that it is likely to be contaminated by food poisoning germs .
45 For anthropologists it may be assumed that this is an uncontroversial statement .
46 It is now widely recognized that all such attempts have failed , yet it continues to be assumed that the rational agent has somehow pulled himself up by his bootstraps out of reach of his own spontaneity .
47 The first question which an egoist might raise is why it should be assumed that I can not be aware from another 's viewpoint without being moved towards his goals .
48 In evaluating the commercial possibilities of options , it should be assumed that the parties will act in accordance with their economic interests , but account should not be taken of courses of action which the parties would take only in the event of a severe deterioration in the creditworthiness of the issuer .
49 Unless there is a statement to the contrary in our opinion , it can be assumed that we have formed the opinion that :
50 It should not be assumed that there will never be circumstances when , notwithstanding the new CGT rules , someone domiciled and resident in the UK should set up an offshore trust .
51 So it should be assumed that a similar number of those who changed in the ‘ right ’ direction were similarly ill-informed about their new choice , and just happened to end up in the ‘ right ’ group by chance .
52 Fourteen trade cards issued by London undertakers during the period c.1680 to c.1760 survive , and as none indicate any other craft-affiliation it must be assumed that they were able to furnish from stock all that went to provide for a funeral .
53 How much of a threat this posed to those drapers who themselves furnished funerals is not recorded , but as none appear to have taken legal action , it can only be assumed that they too had dealings with these manufacturers whilst continuing to offer a funeral service to the general public .
54 The lidless 1664 parish coffin at Howden Minster , Yorkshire , is of 3/4-inch oak , better constructed than the Easingwold model , though with identical iron rings and , as there are no nail or screw holes on the upper width of the side panels , it is to be assumed that the lid was of the Easingwold type .
55 Establishments were obviously catering for a different market in the evening , and it can be assumed that customers were prepared to spend more time and to pay more for a different ‘ meal experience ’ .
56 Both breweries are now up-to-date and efficient plants , and it can be assumed that neither will require extensive re-investment for some years yet .
57 Our public houses vary in terms of individual design and construction , but the plans provided are typical of the two types of unit distinguished in the Preliminary Report , and it may be assumed that appropriate proposals will be suitable for other units falling within the same category .
58 ‘ Any beer in the house ? ’ asked Boyd , as soon as the car engine had started up and it could be assumed that Mrs Stych was on her way .
59 Nor should it be assumed that siblings who have lived apart , sometimes married , for many years have broken these profound childhood links which shaped their attitudes to each other .
60 However , it is worth emphasising that the stages and the measures on which they are based are derived from a grammatical description and that , in the case of children with language difficulties , it can not be assumed that structurally based measures are predictive of functional skills ( Blank et al .
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