Example sentences of "a long period " in BNC.

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31 There are few other industries in which , over a long period of time , revenues have covered less than half of costs .
32 What distinguishes the companies still with us after a long period of recession is that they are lucky — they do not seem to have been hit by the unexpected .
33 King Edward VII and his Consort , Alexandra , were able to influence international events , particularly in Europe , which continued to be the predominant continent and Britain looked forward to a long period of peaceful influence .
34 However , at Cosmeston the archaeologist has the opportunity to excavate a large portion of the settlement over a long period of time and to use the results to shed light on sites where the excavators have not been so fortunate .
35 There then followed a long period of muddle and confusion not helped by the fact that no one had a recent photograph of Blake and that it was a Saturday evening .
36 If it has the Zenith then , if you are leaving it for a long period , try pulling out the choke after it has stopped .
37 But many parents would clearly be unable to make this type of commitment and there will be mentally handicapped people , just as there are many ordinary people , who find themselves without an occupation for a long period of their lives .
38 Also in the crypt is the Duomo treasury , a pay-to-enter collection that is closed for a long period at lunch .
39 There was considerable vaginal dilation ; in my view , only consistent with full penetration over a long period .
40 Stretching over a long period , a number of important rulers began to seek to secure much greater power over their dominions as the means to extend their power abroad — particularly in what was to become known as France , but also in England , Sweden , Spain and , somewhat later , Brandenburg-Prussia .
41 It had to take place over a long period , in the face of a prodigious number of uncontrolled variables which were likely to confuse the outcome .
42 Following the primary attack , there may be no further episodes , or the disease may recur over a long period , in some cases several years .
43 The incubation period may be up to one year , and this makes it difficult in many cases to decide from whom the warts have been caught ; not only that , but they often seem to have been seeded on the principle adhered to by market gardeners , to give successive crops over a long period .
44 Throughout her marriage , and during a long period as a single parent , she was a journalist , editing magazines such as Honey , Over 21 , and Working Woman , as well as being Woman 's Page Editor on the Sunday Times and The Independent .
45 In the short term , nitrogenous fertilizers , by increasing grasses and clovers , can result in an increase in the earthworm population , but continuous use of superphosphate or Nitro-chalk over a long period has been shown , in trials at Rothamstead , to reduce numbers in proportion to the amount of nitrogen applied .
46 If a ‘ back fence ’ is used , the stock is confined to its daily strip and the remainder of the grass is completely rested for a long period .
47 The accumulation of data over a long period of time is a situation that lends itself well to the use of a microcomputer .
48 When Anthony Crosland declared that the ‘ party is over , he can not have realized that the Government 's cuts presaged a long period in which the Labour Party itself would be seriously threatened — partly because of its association with supposedly spendthrift urban policies .
49 The only way that we could definitely ascertain the extent of the increase in recorded crime which is due to changes in reporting and/or recording practices would be if there were available victimization data over a long period .
50 A short continuous crisis , the origins and consequences of which cover a long period , seems to be the double requirement of tragedy and its double relationship to time .
51 Consequently many Greek writers of the fifth century and later realized that their own society was the end-product of a long period of advance .
52 It was the result of a carefully planned experiment based on numerous other experiments performed over a long period .
53 The main difference , though , was that while Pompeii was obliterated by the steady accumulation of ashes over a long period , perhaps as much as two days , Herculaneum was overwhelmed in a matter of minutes , possibly well after the eruption proper had ceased .
54 Once upon a time , there was waking , which was slow and painful , and then quite a long period , replete with chances and triumphs and defeats and risks , which sometimes , though not always , ended in lunch .
55 In general , the mountain areas of the Auvergne experience a much colder winter climate with a long period of Permanent snow .
56 Pigs normally spend a large amount of their day searching for food and consuming food , and pigs which have no food for a long period often exhibit sham-chewing .
57 It is something that many people would not like to see , but there is no question that a high proportion of animals which are shot will carry lead shot for a while , will die after a long period — in many cases days or weeks — and there is a substantial amount of suffering when this happens .
58 The stimulating article Some library costs and options by Brown ( an economist ) concludes ‘ it seems to be worth acquiring and providing storage for , books likely to be wanted more often than , once in about 1.7 years over a long period ’ .
59 These fish are especially prone to ‘ conditioning ’ ; you can switch their minds onto a certain item of food and if you keep that food trickling through their swims over a long period they will continue feeding , with only short breaks , until that food runs out or some other disaster happens to move them .
60 ‘ … and the pathetic thing was that he thought he had just recovered from a long period of madness . ’
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