Example sentences of "days ['s] time " in BNC.

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31 He was going to return in three days ' time , and had invited a large number of ladies and gentlemen to stay for several days .
32 Even so , it was hard to believe that his birthday in two days ' time would be only his twelfth .
33 So it was decided that Oliver would help Sikes with the robbery in two days ' time .
34 There was nothing wrong with enjoying her own interests and social activities — including Martin Ward 's party in a few days ' time .
35 In two days ' time , she thought , she would actually see him .
36 During the course of their conversation , to which Julia listened with only half her attention as she sipped her brandy , she learned that Jackson French was likely to be posted to London to play a part in the winding up of UNRRA later in the year and that Comfort herself was due to leave Venice in two days ' time ‘ now that Julia is getting well again' .
37 Pete suggested that in a few days ' time he could take her out to the nearest big town on the coast , and there she could look for clothes in the department stores and check out the library for the addresses of any useful organisations or people to contact .
38 In two days ' time Matthew was off to New York .
39 Her best chance would come when they reached Ibiza in two days ' time .
40 I 'm lucky , she told her reflection , and in a few days ' time I 'll be far away from this place , and without Piers around I 'll be able to put things back into perspective .
41 Maybe , she thought with an acrobatic leap of logic , this was by way of telling her that she should start acclimatising herself to her old way of life , because that was where she would be in less than two days ' time .
42 That was in two days ' time .
43 Except , a small protective inner voice prompted her hurtfully , that I 'm no long-term threat to your person or your property because in a few days ' time at the very most I shall be out of your land and out of your life .
44 What did it matter if there would be no long-term future for them together — that in a few days ' time they would be separated by the cold grey expanse of the North Sea ?
45 I hope that a message can go out that there is a new resolve in the west and that we are determined to ensure that the killing , the destruction and the brutality stop , and that , as a new year dawns in a few days ' time , it dawns with a new sense of hope for the battered , beleaguered people of Croatia .
46 Earlier that day , Gorbachev had himself appeared to raise the possibility of his stepping down as general secretary at the CPSU congress when , clearly stung by the ferocity of the criticisms being levelled at him , he complained that " people are not taking the general secretary , the President of the country , very seriously " , and added : " It is not a question of me : tomorrow or in 10 or 12 days ' time someone else might be general secretary or party chairman . "
47 On returning to Rome , Thomas went again to the curia and the pope informed him that the case would begin in three days ' time .
48 New Year 's Eve , in about ten days ' time .
49 The Olympic dual silver medal-winning three-day event rider and the Edinburgh Woollen Mill 's pensioned-off steeplechaser require to add one more success to their comprehensive pillar-to-post victory at Bogside , Irvine , last Saturday , to become eligible for a tilt at the Foxhunters Hunter Chase at jump racing 's Cheltenham National Hunt Festival in 20 days ' time .
50 I do n't want you to throw them away today , er , because you might actually in a few days ' time think of some use for them .
51 My birthday in three days ' time .
52 This is why they ask you things like , on interviews , and they ask you , where do you see yourself in five years ' time , and I used to say , I do n't even see meself where I 'm going to be in five days ' time , never mind five , just give us the bloody job .
53 So it 's not Saturday , like in two days ' time ?
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