Example sentences of "do not go " in BNC.

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31 Describing the American feature film , The Last Temptation of Christ , to which he awarded a certificate , as a challenging religious film he said that acontroversial scene : ‘ It indicated that Christ had sex , but it did not go on for 14 minutes . ’
32 However , Mrs Thatcher did not go into any detail about how the suggested British scheme for allowing different currencies to compete freely throughout the Community would necessarily produce the kind of central bank and co-ordinated monetary and economic policies which the others believe is essential .
33 Some dubbed it a cosmetic exercise which did not go far enough and said too many concessions had already been made to industry .
34 Proposals to curb litter and waste did not go far enough and would land local authorities with extra bills but no additional resources .
35 This did not go down well .
36 The boy , unlike the dog , knew that the mud did not go on for ever ; beyond the bridge , the disused railway embankment along which they were walking became built up , so that water ran off it .
37 Many people felt that the Thorneycroft/Mountbatten reorganization did not go far enough , and that Service Departments should have been abolished and a completely functional organization adopted .
38 Things did not go according to Mr Takeshita 's plan .
39 America 's first hostile bids did not go over the heads of the managers , but that did not make them friendly .
40 Unlike Mr Milken , though , Morgan did not go to jail .
41 We did not go in search of miracles , we invited them to come to us .
42 Particularly in their polemical passages they have a freshness and directness , such assurance that the world is now their oyster , that it is easy to forget that they did not go uncriticized .
43 The next upset came when he was chosen for the 1948–9 tour of India but asked , as a professional , to be paid £250 ; the WICBC refused , Worrell declined to back down , and he did not go .
44 Worrell did not go on that tour , but when West Indies went to England in 1957 under Goddard he was annoyed that the vice-captaincy went to Clyde Walcott ; Worrell and Walcott , while friends , were never all that close , in fact , whereas Worrell and Weekes were .
45 So they did not go anywhere near the doctor .
46 They did not go out giving intellectual addresses saying : ‘ Come to our seminar and we 'll discuss the epistemological significance of the empty tomb .
47 If something did not go right , such as missing a train — even if it was her own fault — she flew into a rage .
48 He and Pam had taken off on the very day the fair ended — a fact that did not go unnoticed by the locals .
49 ’ , ‘ Gently , gently , the floor … ’ ) , seeing that all was well I did not go right in or disturb the piles of old magazines , wormy furniture , books , and china lying there ; after all , they belonged to the house .
50 Fortunately , it usually happened that the rejected lover did not go away , and when at last the heroine was free , there he was , waiting still .
51 But , from the start , the event did not go according to plan .
52 At a meeting in the Ulster Hall , he insisted that if the RUC did not go in and remove the offensive flag , then he would do it himself .
53 This remark did not go down well with Alcuin , who thought he was being criticized , but we can see what it meant to the late ninth-century writer who reported it .
54 Some activists were disappointed at the emphasis on legal measures and discouragement of ‘ direct action ’ and felt that legislation did not go far enough in tackling the ‘ Jewish Question ’ .
55 The wires of the fence were eventually replaced with mesh , and Halima having tried once , and finding that her leg did not go through , ceased to paw at the fence for oats .
56 On that morning , North dropped by Paul Thompson 's office , beside Poindexter 's , to tell him the gist of his conversation with Meese , ‘ that it did not go well ’ .
57 Bush , whose discoveries in his three decades have included the likes of A-Ha , did not go lightly into making his offer .
58 This time , Wilson did not go out in the street to wave goodbye nor did she weep .
59 If he did not go quite so far as Eric Linklater in believing that what Mary was doing down at Kirk o' Field during the last days of Darnley 's life in February 1567 was indulging a ‘ womanly zeal for nursing ’ , he certainly had no doubt of her innocence .
60 The problem , however , did not go away and in January , 1897 ‘ A revision of the Church Roll was then made and the following name was erased for absence from Communion [:] Miss R — . ’
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