Example sentences of "[been] [vb pp] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 A second Gloucestershire social worker has been sacked for smoking cannabis while in charge of a group of youngsters on holiday in Devon .
32 Mrs Jonker , of Southport , said Miss Owen had been sacked for gross misconduct after written and verbal warnings .
33 Interventions by schools to reduce smoking have been undertaken for many decades , although little attention has been given to assessing their effectiveness .
34 Up-to-date valuations of such properties had not been undertaken for many years previously , partly because of business people 's complaints that any revaluations of commercial properties could inevitably lead to an increase in their total tax bill .
35 It is also guaranteeing mortgages at 1 per cent below the normal interest rate , for endowment or pension-linked policies , on several of the houses up for sale , an interesting and innovative service for would-be bidders ( mortgage surveys will already have been undertaken for these houses ) .
36 From the clinical database of 75 trials held by Glaxo , who manufacture sumatriptan , 375 asthmatics have been identified who had been treated for 1214 migraine episodes .
37 Checking through her notes , the doctor saw that she had been treated for vaginal thrush on several occasions .
38 He had been treated for nine months in one hospital and two months in another , and had returned home with recurrent dislocation of one knee and an un-united fracture of the other thigh .
39 He had never been treated for mental illness , and Delroy was still alive in Jamaica .
40 The pond has once been treated for White Spot , which occurred on six newly-purchased fish , but no other chemicals have been necessary .
41 • In rodents , rhythms continue to develop in animals that have been reared for several generations in constant conditions .
42 The previous half-year figures have been adjusted for this change in presentation .
43 In addition , one very broadly-based general SVQ is being introduced at level I. We are also introducing two preliminary awards at a more basic level than level I. All these awards have been accredited for two years in the first instance .
44 He complained that his design had been criticized for deficient lighting but he had shown the Committee that his windows were larger than those in sixteen or seventeen well-known classical buildings in London .
45 It enabled Bush , who had been criticized for excessive prioritization of foreign policy , to demonstrate concern for and involvement in domestic affairs , and to demonstrate a commitment to civil rights at a time when Duke 's gubernatorial candidacy in Louisiana [ see above ] had embarrassed the Republican party .
46 The accident records at these schools have been examined in considerable detail by the Departments of Highways and Education and the Police and four areas have been highlighted for further action and detailed investigation .
47 It has been validated for early diagnosis of tuberculosis .
48 Following the very successful session with at the January Q.T. Day a further programme has been arranged for 7 July at the ( the venue to be confirmed ) .
49 A meeting has been arranged for two representatives from each institute owning their own halls at the W I centre in Chelmsford on Monday the twenty first October from ten until twelve noon noon .
50 An open meeting has been arranged for 20th January , between 12 and 2 in Conference Room 1 .
51 This meeting has now been arranged for 11th March at which a number of matters that have also been brought up at the various members ' meetings will be queried .
52 During June and early July full day HS&E training programmes have been arranged for senior managers and divisional coordinators which will form the basis for communication within each company .
53 A meeting has been arranged for 30th September in the Village Hall when a neighbourhood watch will be set up for Belmont Road area .
54 This in-service training day has been arranged for 27th September at Cecil Sharp House , Regent 's Park Road .
55 This in-service training day has been arranged for 27th September at Cecil Sharp House , Regent 's Park Road .
56 10 IN-SERVICE DAYS Teaching the Elderly , this day has been arranged for 12 May — London venue to be notified later .
57 A spokesman said : ‘ Less than half of our 1.35m junior accounts — that is , for savers aged less than 16 — have been registered for gross payment of interest .
58 Although they have been developed for acrylic painters , I 'm sure they are ideal for oil painters too , as they can be cleaned in turpentine overnight , then used for acrylic painting the very next day .
59 The new modules have been developed for two groups of students : those returning to S5 for a limited period of time , and those who intend to complete a full year 's programme of study in S5 or S6 .
60 More complex techniques have been developed for approximate string matching , allowing for possible spelling or recognition errors in the input word ( Hall and Dowling , 1980 ; Kashyap and Oommen , 1984 ) .
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