Example sentences of "[been] [vb pp] [prep] [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 The accident records at these schools have been examined in considerable detail by the Departments of Highways and Education and the Police and four areas have been highlighted for further action and detailed investigation .
32 It is frustrating that so little pottery from settlements has been examined in this manner , although Brisbane ( 1981 ) has proposed a model for various modes of production that may be appropriate for such pottery .
33 The formation of a strategy for confronting the current crisis of accumulation in the world capitalist system will depend on the factors that have been examined in this chapter : the balance of social forces , class strategies and forms of political representation ; the broad historical character of the state ; and its internal composition , organizational interests , and dynamic .
34 On the one hand as was mentioned at the outset of this chapter and in Chapter 2 , the physical relationships which determine rates of soil erosion have been examined within natural science disciplines of hydrology , agricultural engineering and agricultural botany .
35 But in all cases he has been stopped by diocesan authorities as the centres are outside his parish .
36 To be fair to Lewis , he followed instructions more closely than in the past and jabbed his way in before breaking up Dixon , who had not been stopped in 15 fights .
37 It was , in fact , the work of his son , William , and Miller comments ‘ I was first favoured by this sort by Mr. Peter Collinson , FRS and afterwards received a plant with a drawing of it made in the country where it grows , by Mr. John Bartram , JR , and have since been furnished with more plants by Dr. Benzel of Germantown in Philadelphia , who found it growing plentifully in shady , moist places . ’
38 Interest in the subject having thus been aroused among learned men in western Asia , a scientific institute was eventually set up in Baghdad after the Muslim conquest of much of that region .
39 This arrangement might well have been satisfactory , with some accommodation between the two sides being not too difficult to achieve , but for the rancour that had been aroused in recent years .
40 The attempt had been strengthened by the respect and admiration for Russian arms that had been aroused by Russian resistance on the eastern front .
41 Mrs Titcombe 's nagging suspicions had been aroused by several points .
42 The interior was still waiting for its first clean and the upholstery felt as if it had been textured in buff nicotine .
43 In the Septizonium , an ancient Roman temple at the south-east corner of the Palatine , which had long since been annexed for other uses , safe from outside interference and imperial troops , for it was still possible for emperors to attempt to interfere with elections , the election commenced after each cardinal had celebrated mass and all of them had exchanged the kiss of peace .
44 The sentence of Poindexter 's former subordinate , Oliver North , had been overturned for similar reasons in July 1990 [ see p. 37605 ] , but the appellate panel now went further by refusing to allow Walsh to return to the trial judge and attempt to show that the trial testimony was not tainted , as had been permitted in North 's case .
45 Forty per cent of death sentences have been overturned at federal appeal in recent years .
46 I am sure that you will agree that there should be a debate on the Court of Appeal system now that three major cases have been overturned in two years after substantial campaigns .
47 In his day , works on Evolution had been catalogued under Pre-Adamite Man .
48 His background has been catalogued on many occasions and trawled by the man himself with the single-mindedness which characterizes all his causes .
49 And the substance of my apprehension is to be found in the formidable dossiers of attainment which have been catalogued in numerous obituaries over the past week .
50 When William Burnes died at Lochlea in 1784 , John Tennant lent a horse to help to convey his body to Alloway for burial in the grounds of Kirk Alloway and memories of Alloway and the ruined kirk must have been recalled by both families when they met on that day .
51 A detailed helicopter EM survey has been flown over extensive areas of the Middle Dalradian ( MEG 253 ) .
52 Kites have been flown in all cultures at all times .
53 He was ultimately responsible for the emptying of the city , the forced labour in the countryside , the persecution of anyone judged to have been tainted by foreign influences , and the bloody purges of Khmer Rouge cadres suspected of being ‘ Vietnamese traitors ’ .
54 In ( h ) you will see yellow has been blended into pale lilac and in ( i ) pale lilac has been rubbed into French blue .
55 For , while these theories pursued distinctive concerns , ideas drawn from each of them have been blended by political theorists to create an identifiable body of ideas with certain distinctive characteristics .
56 Where towns have been joined in this way the whole built-up area is called a conurbation .
57 These disciplines have been joined by many others from different fields , from Law to Business Studies , to Social Administration , to Gender Studies , to Forestry , Religious Studies and Natural Resources .
58 The variation in size would have been enormous as the existing parish councils would have been joined by such cities as Sheffield as ‘ local councils ’ .
59 Eventually , after she had been joined by two others whose grasp of the English language was as poor as hers , they booked in to two rooms .
60 At Philadelphia he had been joined by two others in what was obviously a preplanned meeting since the moment dinner was cleared away and a new round of gin and diet tonics ordered they began a miniature board meeting .
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