Example sentences of "[been] [adj] for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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61 It seems to have been unusual for any girl to go beyond straight typesetting to learn much about the other processes at this stage : a crucial point .
62 Owen had been conscious for some time of growing movement in the courtyard below .
63 The system of raising local authorities ' revenue by means of the rating system ( where the rateable value of property served as the basis for payment ) had been unpopular for many years .
64 This is particularly true for those with multiple symptoms who have been ill for many years .
65 Punch Magazine : April 8 , aged 150 : The satirical publication had been ill for many years with circulation falling to 33,000 .
66 He had been ill for many months and his five-year term would not have been renewed at the National People 's Congress which starts on Monday .
67 DeRoburt , 69 , who had been ill for several years , had been President of Nauru from independence in 1968 until 1989 , apart from short interludes in 1976-68 ( when he was Leader of the Opposition ) and 1986 .
68 She had been ill for some time , and gradually realized that she needed more care than could be given by the community services .
69 She had been ill for some time and , driving back again to Cardiff to join my father , I reflected on the sadness that parents can never know what their children owe them .
70 I know your mother had been ill for some time , but I know that this will not have lessened the loss you and your family must now feel .
71 He had been ill for some time .
72 Roach , who was a producer , director and screenwriter , had been ill for some time and was under the care of doctors of the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital , a hospital spokeswoman said .
73 He had been ill for some time , and passed away peacefully on 12 April .
74 The weather had been fine for some days and the mood was right .
75 And so she threw herself at him , leaping for his throat , a tall , strong , totally desperate girl with nothing whatsoever to lose , who would have been hard for any man to handle , even a man as powerful and totally unchivalrous as Christie Goldsborough , had he not been ready for her .
76 So I doubt if our hero would have been good for many heroics after swigging that .
77 Abroad , the idea of Freeports has been current for many years .
78 All three were aware that the King and Queen had , after four years of war , come to represent to their subjects all that was best in the domestic and public virtues , and that there had been current for some time an idea of presenting to them a gift as a mark of national respect , thanks and loyalty .
79 In addition to the traditional vented system , it is now permissible to have an unvented hot water storage system , which does away with the cold water cistern altogether and has other advantages ( see page 58 for details ) ; sealed central heating systems ( which do away with the feed-and-expansion cistern ) have been legal for some time .
80 She noted the greasy chenille tablecloth which was threadbare where the table edge cut into it — a sure sign , Nelly knew , that the cloth had been undisturbed for many months .
81 Er , if the person er is sitting watching the television and er has been awake for several hours then we are at a disadvantage .
82 However , if the house has been unoccupied for some time , the boards will need to be conditioned with water — this method can also help to flatten wavy boards .
83 " If a flat 's been unoccupied for some time , you 'd expect a pile of letters inside the door . "
84 If a property is insufficiently furnished for full habitation , it may also have been unoccupied for some length of time .
85 In London , just before the war , almost no one had heard of Paul Klee , although in Germany he had been famous for some years .
86 The situation has been poor for some months , but press speculation about receivership has worried suppliers and customers of the brewery .
87 She had guessed that the reason was something to do with Jennifer for she had known that her sister had n't been well for some while and had been undergoing tests since experiencing stabbing pain in her right eye and numbness in her legs .
88 Of course he 's not been well for some time and he did n't take care of himself . ’
89 The change of status , too , from ‘ wife , to ‘ widow ’ is felt very keenly by most women as a loss of considerable significance , which indeed it is ; for without a partner , a woman who has been married for some years may , unless she already has well developed interests outside her home , find that her social life is suddenly transformed in a very disturbing way .
90 He had , in fact , treated her as a man might well treat a wife to whom he 'd been married for some years — a relaxed , comfortable relationship in which there was no need for any outward signs of affection .
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