Example sentences of "[been] [adj] for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 It has been clear for some time that the demands of the arms control process would increasingly dominate military planning .
32 The warnings had been clear for some time .
33 It has been clear for some time that there are a number of significant practical problems with the interpretation of SSAP 6 , Extraordinary Items and Prior Year Adjustments , particularly in respect of the variety of treatments of apparently similar events as sometimes ordinary and sometimes extraordinary items in the p&l account .
34 The implications of the Black and Tans ' behaviour and of the complicity of the Government in their reign of terror had been clear for some time , but Tubby 's experience had brought it all into sharp focus .
35 It has been clear for some time that the Al Fayeds are not who they said they were in 1985 .
36 Rings of this style are known as ‘ betrothal ’ rings and the design of the clasped hands has been popular for many centuries .
37 Vanity basins have been popular for some years now , especially in larger bathrooms .
38 This represents a major step forward in unlocking the commercial potential of our inner cities and of breathing new life into areas which may have been derelict for many years .
39 Riddel 's Warehouse , Ann Street , ( 1867 ) : blighted by proximity to police station , has been empty for many years .
40 The warehouse has been empty for many years , but holding repairs have meant at least that water penetration to the fabric is reduced .
41 These tenements had been empty for several years , the small shopfronts that once elbowed each other along the street boarded up .
42 The gallery has been empty for several years .
43 It had been empty for several years and was dirty , damp and severely vandalised .
44 A third of its beds have been empty for several years .
45 When we first hear of it , the house had been empty for some time , and Albert Piggott deplored its neglect .
46 That was still untended and wild ; the house had been empty for some time before they bought it , or rather Mr Paul had .
47 The house had been empty for some time now and beginning to feel lonely .
48 They were also helped into their new home by a team of volunteers who took on the task of cleaning the offices which had been empty for some time .
49 The single dog , who has probably been bored for many years , suddenly has a new playmate , who like himself , sleeps most of the time , but will enjoy a game for short periods .
50 She had been listless for some time and the woman could only hope that moving her right away from the influence of the people she went around with into these beautiful surroundings might bring her back to herself .
51 It could not have been easy for these men to deliver flocks and herds safely to their destination and the advent of motor transport must have been a blessing to animals .
52 One has been convinced for some time that the idea was to take Weir in the guise of a No 6 .
53 For this reason I have been convinced for some months that interest rates are too high and that they should start to be reduced at once .
54 In fact this shift has been visible for some time and seems at present to be increasing .
55 The Macari honeymoon period is in full swing and there 's a determination and self-belief about the players which has n't been visible for some time .
56 Tension along the 38th parallel had been serious for some months : General Hodge informed the joint chiefs of staff in January 1948 that both the south Korean police and north Korean border guards were engaged in sporadic attacks on one another .
57 There are , however , two longstanding situations on Southern Sandstone where payment of an admission fee has been customary for many years .
58 It would have been unthinkable for former premier Margaret Thatcher to go to America without being received by then-president Ronald Reagan amid tributes to the two country 's ‘ special relationship ’ .
59 Its importance as a sire had been obvious for many years as its progeny had proved their worth in the show ring and at stud .
60 Assume as before that national income has been constant for several time periods at £1,000 , and that autonomous investment is initially equal to £500 .
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