Example sentences of "[been] [verb] for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 The ideas that have been developed for this region can be applied to most turbulent flows adjacent to a wall : for example , to turbulent channel and pipe flow ( although not , for example , to a boundary layer close to separation ) .
32 Scotvec Modules have been developed for those pupils who have a pass at General level and not wish to do Higher .
33 A preliminary account of events up to the mid-1970s has already been given for both locales , which will stand as an account for Cramlington but some elaboration is necessary for North Shields .
34 This method has been taught for many years and I do not think that pilots who have learned to do it this way need bother to change .
35 Since the department since the regional office has been suggesting for some time , or throughout the entire process of this structure plan alteration , that erm an exceptions policy should be considered by the erm county council , I think it would be consistent that we would anticipate the panel could reach a conclusion on the inclusion of the major exceptions policy as part of this alteration .
36 Altogether she followed up 345 white American children who had been referred to the child guidance clinic for anti-social behaviour , 130 other referrals and 100 individuals who had attended neighbouring elementary schools who had not been referred for any specialist help , and who therefore provided a comparison group .
37 On being asked about the condition of the front door and windows , he admitted they had n't been painted for many years and that the door had more or less reached the end of its life , and showed it .
38 If a patent were to be granted to the second business , it could prevent the first from using what it has already been using for some time .
39 Division Two of this event is probably best left to Tom Jones 's Sadler 's Wells newcomer Alyakkh , about whom local work-watchers have been cooing for some time .
40 The London General Omnibus Company had been experimenting for some years and , in 1910 introduced to the streets of London , their ‘ B ’ type , petrol engined , double-decker , opened top buses .
41 Piggy is short-sighted ; and the spectacles he would have been prescribed for this condition could not possibly have been used as burning glasses .
42 Many had been decomposing for several weeks .
43 There has been exposed for all eyes to see the lack of military ability of ‘ the most brilliant strategist of all time ’ , that is , our megalomaniac corporal .
44 But the conditions in Greek state psychiatric hospitals have been exposed for many years .
45 Restlessly , she returned to the office , then recalled that the answering machine had not been checked for several hours .
46 ‘ I do n't know what he meant , ’ Allen said after they had been walking for some time on the soft turf at the verge of the track .
47 They 've already been walking for several weeks , many carrying their possessions in their school bags .
48 Much will depend on how it seeks to solve the long-running debate about merging income tax and the national insurance system ; whether benefits , including pensions , are to be universal or selective ; and , if selective , how the state is to deal with obligations to people who have been contributing for many years to what they were told was national insurance .
49 Though the system has now been modified for some years , local authorities still play a crucial role in the shaping of the local environment by , for example , forecasting the need for roads for travel to work or leisure , and thus plan on the basis of that need Planners seek to influence behaviour , for example , by deciding that particular zones will be devoted to industrial estates , others to shopping centres and residential use in order to harmonise traffic movement and so on .
50 Good God , Teddy , the US arms industry has been praying for this war for years .
51 At the time of going to press , not one person has been nominated for this post .
52 The award for best British film went to The Crying Game , which , along with Howards End , has been nominated for several Oscars .
53 Smaller theatres striving to balance budgets and improve quality in marketing and production , etc will now have greater difficulty than before because their grants have been frozen for another year .
54 A further example is when an organisation which has been trading for many decades finds itself increasingly out of touch with the market and the organisation 's internal culture and style is no longer appropriate to the markets it is trying to address .
55 Over 40,000 people staged a demonstration in Buenos Aires on Dec. 30 against the decision , which had been forecast for some time .
56 The door is locked and the windows are covered with grime ; in the silence the whole place looks as if it has not been occupied for several weeks .
57 No I did n't Stefan , we 've been blamed for some things in our time , have n't we but
58 Our fellow-traveller had been mumbling for some time that he would ‘ hae tae get oot ! ’ .
59 Labour attempted to pre-empt any jobs package by stressing yesterday that it had been pressing for such measures since before Christmas .
60 Several of the Board 's leading civil servants had been pressing for more equality in provision .
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