Example sentences of "i give [pron] " in BNC.

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31 It 's always the pressure that I give myself , and I 've given myself a lot of pressure this last year ’ , she revealed .
32 Therefore with generosity ( I give myself ) and gentleness ( I kiss the beast ) and no-shame ( I do what I do of my own free will ) and forgiveness ( he ca n't help himself ) .
33 I give myself a pat on the back for every question which I answered in a way which led the pupils deeper into the problem .
34 I give myself two pats on the back for every answer which started with ‘ I do n't know but what if … ’ because these answers show that I regard the investigation as a shared experience .
35 If I give myself up , I 'll be charged with murder . ’
36 I give myself one hundred and twenty new panes to varnish round , who says we grows wiser as we grows old .
37 It 's not just a case of him taking us with all of what we had and were and us belonging to him , but he says i in taking you to myself , he says I give myself to you .
38 I give me some .
39 When they stop I give them a clap , but no one else does .
40 My legs are warm and I give them a feel .
41 I give them exact details of my weight , height and age , and when my periods stopped .
42 I give them lollipops , so they perform enthusiastically , showing us the speed of their boats as they skiff them through the water and how many stones they can carry before sinking .
43 As I take them off I give them names , the names of people and the names of things .
44 One must be fair ; I give them credit for being sensible enough to apologise .
45 The only way people will trust me is if I give them a signed piece of paper with my address on . ’
46 I give them whatever I have in my pocket which is usually nothing . ’
47 I give them extra food when they 're not flying , because there , s no need to keep them even slightly hungry .
48 I give them aspirin and hope for the best .
49 If I saw the duck-rabbit as a rabbit , then I saw : these shapes and colours ( I give them in detail ) — and I saw besides something like this : and here I point to a number of different pictures of rabbits .
50 They said I could work just in termtime as long as I give them notice of the definite weeks a month in advance . ’
51 I give them to that solicitor that , I were talking to .
52 Then I give them to Wallace . ’
53 ‘ I have taken souls to my Masters , Wolfprince , and every one I give them is placed on the Silver Scales of Justice . ’
54 The staff all know what 's got to be done and they go off and do it ; it 's just when jobs are different that I give them any guidance .
55 I give them to you . ’
56 If I give them to you , you can do your story first and then pass them on . ’
57 I give them a hot mash too , as well as letting them scratch about here , we cook up all the scraps in the kitchen .
58 As far as I 'm concerned I give them 10-out-of-10 and it was one of Swansea 's best performances . ’
59 I give them back cleaned up with spit .
60 I give them information and
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