Example sentences of "[be] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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31 These conflicts , he contended , although highlighted in the differences between the Western Marxism of Lukács and the orthodoxy of Marxist-Leninism , could be traced back to the work of Marx himself .
32 When Marx tells us in the Communist Manifesto that ‘ all history is the history of class struggles ’ , he is claiming that all conflict and change in societies can ultimately be traced back to the underlying class conflict , based on the opposing class interests arising from exploitation .
33 Their regulation can be traced back to the thirteenth century and subsequent legislation such as that of 1697 — ‘ An act to restrain the number and ill practice of brokers and stock brokers ’ .
34 The system of Heliopolis can be traced back to the Second and Third Dynasties .
35 Rug-making in the Balkans can be traced back to the time when the peninsula was under the control of the Turkish empire .
36 Lavender 's use can be traced back to the Greeks and Romans and it is more than likely that it was used all round the Mediterranean by Egyptians , Arabs , and Sumerians for a variety of domestic , cosmetic and perfumery needs .
37 The family , which can be traced back to the thirteenth century , lived at the manor of Cavendish Overhall , Suffolk , until the house and lands were sold in 1596 by William Cavendish , Michael 's eldest brother .
38 history The Treasury can be traced back to the eleventh century whereas the Department of the Environment was created in 1970 .
39 As Elcock ( 1986 , Chapter 9 ) points out , town and country , planning can be traced back to the Victorian era when enlightened industrialists sought to improve areas such as Bournville in Birmingham and Saltaire in West Yorkshire .
40 As we have observed in earlier chapters , one of the major concerns of government one which can be traced back to the last century — is the control of the level of expenditure by the state .
41 The root of this discontent can be traced back to the experiences of troops of the British West Indies Regiment ( B.W.I.R. ) whilst they were stationed at Taranto , Italy , in 1918 .
42 Trade between Leith and Hull can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th Century when the Hull and Leith Shipping Company was formed .
43 Socialist proposals for state-provided health care can be traced back to the Webbs ' Minority Report of the Royal Commission on the Poor Law in 1905 .
44 The 1974 reorganisation of the NHS was guided by similar views and several themes of the new public management can be traced back to the Fulton Report on the Civil Service published in 1968 .
45 Historians who have reconstructed the context of his trip have generally concluded that , far from being a momentary aberration , the Montreal speech was the culmination of a policy that can be traced back to the early 1960s .
46 A change in Eisenhower 's thinking on the USSR can perhaps be traced back to the visit by Churchill and Eden at the end of June 1954 .
47 Tory legal-constitutionalism was nothing new in the early eighteenth century — it is in evidence during the years of the Exclusion Crisis and Tory reaction , and its roots can be traced back to the Clarendonian position at the Restoration .
48 The fiscal and institutional roots of stability might be traced back to the 1690s , with the financial revolution ( which meant that England 's ruling elite finally worked how to finance government effectively ) and the growth of bureaucracy ( which laid the foundations for firm executive control by the central government which emerged in the eighteenth century ) .
49 Although first language acquisition is strictly related to the development of social identity , Watts ' conclusions that a certain set of perceptions is characteristic of Swiss-German readers ( p. 37 ) and that it " may be traced back to the kind of socialization into literacy " ( p. 39 ) are debatable mainly because the presented responses seem to be applicable to various categories of readers .
50 It is an idea — the idea that the practice of our art should ideally be an avocation rather than a vocation — which has a distinguished and ancient lineage , to be traced back through the English bourgeois idea of ‘ the gentleman ’ to the Italian aristocratic idea of ‘ the courtier ’ .
51 Modernization conceived as differentiation is of course the linchpin of Parsonian sociology , but can be traced back through the work of Weber and even of Lukács to the aesthetic writings of the mature Hegel ( Ká0tz 1982 ) .
52 The origins of this transformation may be traced back into the late 19th century but the upheaval finally came at the time of Vietnam , flower-power and the campus revolutions .
53 Though the backgrounds of the successful ironmongers were varied , nearly all their families can be traced back in the neighbourhood to the sixteenth century , either through a direct line or through marriage .
54 Such reasoning can be traced down to the present day , although there are variations on the theme .
55 Double-breasted to be fastened up to the collar , or left open , the reefer quickly ceased to be only navy blue and became a double-breasted tweed ‘ casual ’ coat , a direct ancestor o f the modern double-breasted suit .
56 The value of involving the Committee in the consultation mechanisms will be relayed back to the Park Manager .
57 The question of the place of objects in the formation of mental imagery may be referred back to the discussion of play .
58 Before the programme is finally adopted it has to be referred back to the European Parliament for a second time .
59 That said , the comments raised will be referred back to the project officers and in West Lothian , in particular , there is room for improvement .
60 In the former case these can be referred back to the Census Offices and in the latter to the London Research Centre .
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