Example sentences of "be around the " in BNC.

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61 An area of defensiveness is around the Labour Party because that 's been one of my main arenas of political activity for the last eight , nine years or so .
62 And I think the overall figure that we 've had produced , which is around the six point two percent , is still a very substantial level of vacant dwellings within the county .
63 The chain-guilloche too is interlaced more frequently ( and , therefore , is more compact ) around the bottom panel and the two panels which contain wave-crest pattern , than it is around the top panel .
64 Biddlecombe 's new beat is around the horse sales … his year 's of racing expertise is being harnessed at last … and the best news of all is that he may soon be back in the saddle
65 Now that the exchange rate is around the $1.40 to $1.45 mark there could be a case for going back but we might have the difficulty of seeming opportunistic .
66 Long stretches of these beaches front seaside towns and are now of little ornithological interest ; the most important are around the Selsey peninsular , particularly on both sides of the entrance to Pagham Harbour , Shoreham Beach , between Newhaven and Seaford ( the Tidemills ) , at the mouth of the Cuckmere River , to the east of Eastbourne ( the Crumbles ) , bordering Pevensey Levels , at Rye Harbour , and further east at the county boundary .
67 It turns out that the minimum cell volume and interstack distance are around the values ( TMTSF ) 2 CO 4 , the only organic salt known to go superconducting at atmospheric pressure .
68 To find it , first identify the little group made up of Gamma , Theta , Iota and Lambda , all of which are around the fourth magnitude .
69 My family and friends , who are around the house , are too preoccupied to help .
70 Egypt 's largest concentrations of ancient sites are around the cities of Cairo and Luxor .
71 Some of the finest coastal walks on Skye are around the Duirnish peninsula in the north-west of the island where there are spectacular cliffs and bizarre rock stacks .
72 This effect can also be observed in the overall values of B which are around the 3.5 which corresponds to unbiased responding in all cases except for risky exemplars of low-risk junctions .
73 Car crime , nine hundred and sixty cars so far this year have been broke into in the Portsmouth , bearing in mind yours are around the town .
74 It 's that in the period April ninety one to September ninety one there has been under recovery of VAT of nearly half a million pounds , will wait until they recover it of which two er twenty six thousand is the true result of the South West Region of twenty six thousand pounds just over twenty one and a half thousand pounds related to job club fees , with all staff responsible for organising rosters even sure they are around the content of appendix one , section four , and that that correctly identified in cages , Margaret Cornwall .
75 But all them forms which are around the company which
76 ‘ Oh , it 's been around the common room for some time now . ’
77 ‘ At parties , if people ask what you 've been doing and you tell them that you 've just been around the world , it stops the conversationd ead . ’
78 She was very young , 18 or 19 , and relatively immature although much more worldly wise than I was because she had lived a much more international sort of life , and having been around the music scene a lot more than I had , she was streetwise at her age to a greater degree than I — there was no question of that .
79 It has been around the world with him .
80 He had been around the scene for long enough to know how to manipulate meetings without getting everyone 's back up .
81 Scott has been around the rock and blues circuit in Ireland for some time and has played with many of the top musicians here .
82 Second , it has been around the definition and significance of culture that some of the sharpest disagreements and disputes in the field of multiculturalism and antiracism have been expressed .
83 cos if he he 's on a twelve hour shift and , those meetings tend to be have been around the same sort of time , then obviously , what we 've got ta be careful about is , adding any more hours
84 ‘ Frank 's been around the course already , he knew what it would be like if MacQuillan got the Post . ’
85 She and her husband Felix had been around the London underground since its birth , apart from a sojourn in the backwater of Munich .
86 as if to illustrate this point I recently spoke to an angler on the Ribble and judging by the distance he held his hands apart — ’ Like this they were ! ’ — his recent catch of ’ two pounders ’ could easily have been around the 6lb mark !
87 But anyway , a lot of the detail , a lot of the detail seems to have been around the , the , the words that have , have , have been used in the document , but I 'll ask Paul to specifically respond to that .
88 Having worked and been around the Brighton first schools for many years , I would very much hope that the transition is not traumatic .
89 Having worked and been around the Brighton first schools for many years , I would very much hope that the transition is not traumatic .
90 I mean we 've er the working party 's actually been around the country looking at various other swimming pools in the areas and er just to get an idea on what we thought Didcot would really like .
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