Example sentences of "be around the " in BNC.

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1 There is no notable deceleration , but I do n't know that my mind was recording anything but fear , nor is there any particular screech or roll , but suddenly we 're around the corner and accelerating down towards the tunnel and Jackie 's saying , ‘ You can relax now , Keith . ’
2 It is important to be around the professionals , the leading players in the world .
3 In the distance he could hear the sound of water dripping and he kept a look out for puddles , holes , fallen beams or any other dangers that might be around the next corner .
4 The itching is very troublesome and may be around the vagina with burning soreness and redness .
5 And it will probably be around the 19th — a magical day if ever there was one — that a fateful meeting or journey takes place .
6 Prime times for endings and beginnings will be around the full moons of March 8 and November 16 and the eclipses .
7 It is assumed therefore that virtually all children will travel along broadly the same curricular path in English , but that some will move more quickly , and further , than others ; and some may be around the level 1 attainments for the whole of their school careers .
8 Annual growth to 1996 is expected to be around the 43% mark , reaching $700m in 1996 .
9 Around one hundred galleries are expected to have signed up by the closing date and attendance figures are expected to be around the usual 100,000 .
10 In the schematic dating we apply to this period it seems to be around the last century of the second millennium that an upward turn becomes traceable , notably in pottery and specifically the pottery of Athens .
11 Our main European markets would appear to be around the Mediterranean , but with statistics showing that northern European summers are apparently becoming warmer I 've decided to launch our system in the United Kingdom as well . ’
12 We never sold anything of course but it gave me a sort of status plus it was a very interesting time to be around the art world .
13 Prices will be around the standard pub price and in some instances considerably less .
14 In the words of Dunlop ( 1958 : 20 ) , the technological context of ‘ railroads has many distinctive features affecting the relations of managers and workers : the train operating divisions use small crews working together and in movement far from close and immediate supervision ; complex and expensive equipment is utilized with a high ratio of capital to worker ; … the costs of accidents can be consequential ; the hours of operations for equipment may be around the clock , and they do not conform to normal factory schedules … ’ .
15 The screens were around the bed and the draught from the door set them billowing like sails .
16 By 1980 , registrations were around the 3,000 mark .
17 Sam howled with laughter , as did those people who were around the cage at the same time .
18 For two years my father-in-law shuffled the money around various building societies , chasing the best interest rates , which at times were around the 20 per cent mark .
19 ‘ What did Miss Trunchbull call your father when they were around the house at home ? ’
20 Olschewski said that profits were around the two figure million mark , but would n't provide more specific details .
21 Rather more skilled crafts , such as fullers , shearmen , cutlers , painters and butchers , were around the £10 mark .
22 Most docks were around the Midlands ; over a hundred of these were on the Birmingham Canals .
23 He wandered around for a couple of hours having chats with any of the old fellows who were around the place . ’
24 Can you tell me about the buildings that were around the airport ?
25 Well erm you see although I learned shorthand and typing it was better money and that was the reason I had to do it , I 've passed my exams in shorthand but er probably there were n't enough offices then to employ a good many clerks , but erm they er it was a very big fellow who used to ring the bell and the bell was on the outside , he was named Tom but I ca n't for the life of me think erm what his other name was but , erm it used to put the fear through us I can tell you if we were around the corner and we heard that bell ringing but erm they , they were a good firm to work for and , but they were strict but everywhere was strict in those days , we had to accept it but it was a long long hours , but erm they knew I had some , I , I enjoyed it and I 'd go back again only I 'm too old .
26 Right at the end of the street was the wall of a very old building , the entrance being around the corner in Barnards Cross .
27 In the normal way , a pregnant woman would go for regular check-ups either with her doctor or with the ante-natal clinic , the first visit being around the eighth to twelfth week .
28 Consultant pathologist Dr Brian Rogers said Jacob had no congenital malformations and died from a lack of oxygen which was probably caused by the umbilical cord being around the neck before birth .
29 ON THE fae of things , Michael Palin seems an unlikely double for the archetypal stiff upperlipped phlegmatic Englsihman Phileas Fogg , hero of Jules Verne 's Around the World in Eighty Days .
30 Most of the main roads are in good condition , but driving can be very tiring as there are many bends , and most of the roads are built onto the mountainside with deep ravines dropping away below , and you never quite know what 's around the corner — be it a bus straddling the centre of the road to take a corner or a group of children playing football in the road .
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