Example sentences of "[vb mod] be for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ He had asked the country for a mandate for Tariff Reform , this had been refused , and the honourable thing would be for him to resign at once . ’
32 For the DUP to embrace this accord and attempt to make it work would be for it to abandon its opposition to anything which presages a united Ireland .
33 The first was that the abrogation of responsibility by a nation for its coinage would be for it to surrender the essence of its own statehood .
34 His idea of heaven would be for someone to design a device which would allow him to read a book in there .
35 His words were enough to throw Lucy into a state of thoughtfulness , forcing her to become aware of how impossible it would be to drag this man within yards of his stepmother — and how futile it would be for herself to harbour any emotional feelings towards him .
36 ‘ How sad it would be for us to lose you to the sea , Señor Capitano . ’
37 I think it would be for us to talk together , the four of us for a start , and er , and bring proper proposals to future meetings would n't it ?
38 " Because I 've been thinking , " said Dottie , " what a good idea it would be for you to spend Christmas at my place . "
39 And he suggested that a suitable punishment would be for you to lose your sight .
40 " Listen , Martha , the best thing would be for you to tell me about your worries .
41 Perhaps the best way of going forward would be for you to send me a description of your work .
42 The best thing would be for you to write out all the harmonies , in every key , making sure that you put in all the correct sharps and flats .
43 ‘ The simplest thing would be for you to write to STG and say you no longer wish them to represent you .
44 A good starting-point would be for you to get in touch with The National Council for the Single Woman and her Dependants , 29 , Chilworth Mews , London W2 3RG , by writing ( with a stamped addressed envelope enclosed ) for one of their information leaflets .
45 The purpose of this meeting would be for you to gain an insight into the qualities of the [ Name ] management and for them to gain an understanding of how you would propose to manage the group .
46 For example , the Football ( Offences ) Act 1991 says : ‘ It is an offence for a person … to go onto the playing area … without lawful authority or lawful excuse , which shall be for him to prove . ’
47 How each generation of parliamentarians in member states will try to guide the community 's political institutions will be for them to determine .
48 The most usual course of action for disappointed applicants will be for them to write back to the Com
49 It will be for him to decide , in the light of all the evidence , whether in respect of the relief claimed Hambros Jersey has a sufficient connection with England for it to be just for the English court to grant such relief .
50 If your elderly parent is faced with this problem , the most sensible first step towards a solution will be for her to spend a longish ‘ holiday ’ in your home before making a final decision , or for you to make an extended ‘ visit ’ to her if you are thinking of going to live in her home .
51 The best thing will be for me to phone my aunt and then perhaps you 'll let me go and have something to eat .
52 but in the very unlikely , very unlikely er position whereby Norfolk are absolutely adamantly oppose our proposals then as Mr said it 's very difficult for us to build in , in neighbouring authority , there is however one procedure left to us and that of course will be for us to meet in private act of Parliament , well that is er almost unthinkable , but we do have a final resort to that with a , in many ways the problems in Brandon have to be resolved by , by doing a bypass and if in the end we have to do that I 'm sure that
53 Each case is different , and it will be for you to decide upon what action you should take to try to improve your parent 's situation in the light of your knowledge of her circumstances .
54 says can you tell me how much it will be for you to fit it ?
55 I think the best way to proceed will be for you to produce as many captions as you think fit and we can then select from these during editing .
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