Example sentences of "[coord] [pron] is not [verb] " in BNC.

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31 Lucker points out that his contract comes to a close in Chicago and he is not being paid for anything he is n't doing , and he is not doing anything he is n't paid for .
32 And he is not talking .
33 But the logic of this point of view is not compelling , and it is not supported by the data .
34 It is quite simple : to acquire contemplation means much time and hard work , and it is not given to anyone any time anyhow , even though its possession brings unspeakable joy .
35 While senior officials recognize this as a problem requiring constant monitoring , the level of anxiety about it remains low , and it is not seen as the forerunner of a future threat .
36 There is no externally-based explanation for this , as there is no sign of [ j ] -deletion as a known process in the history of Ulster dialect , and it is not favoured by RP , which on the contrary replaces the [ j ] of [ j ] -deleting dialects ( Trudgill , 1974 ; Wells , 1982 ) .
37 ‘ We both know why I 'm here and it is not to claim some long-lost family . ’
38 And it is not priced in the luxury category — it costs just £249 plus VAT to install Cozydry in any bathroom .
39 If there is a possibility of the agreement falling within the prohibition in Article 85(1) and it is not covered by a block exemption , the agreement should be formally notified to the Commission .
40 If you are looking for a specific topic ( e.g. The Paris Peace Conference ) and it is not listed , you might investigate chapters which appear related ( e.g. " The Resettlement of Europe " or , even more broadly , " The First World War " ) .
41 ‘ Aid to these countries is of a high humanitarian priority at the moment , ’ he said , ‘ and it is not getting the desired coverage because of problems in neighbouring states . ’
42 The decision to offer a place is not an easy one and it is not made without very careful consideration of each candidate 's proposal .
43 Secondly , paralinguistic features of the ‘ vocal effect ’ type are treated as part of intonation , and it is not made sufficiently clear how these are to be distinguished from prosodic features .
44 If I assault someone and it is not justified , not justified , can I be arrested ?
45 This is constantly done in Mincing Lane [ a street in the City of London ] , and the person who acts in this way is , perhaps , a quasi-arbitrator or even an arbitrator , but he is an arbitrator of a particular sort , and it is not intended that there should be the same judicial proceeding on his part as there would be in the case of an arbitrator appointed under a formal submission .
46 I mean yes of course we should live harmoniously together er who would y'know , sector of those people who have taken advantage of the right to buy and and so on and so forth but we talking about housing management in about housing management costs and if you have an estate of y'know being repaired similar houses which a lot of our estates are , it makes sense that they 're managed as it were centrally er and because that 's the most efficient way of doing it erm if you have a variety of different landlords in er one estate or one street and all the houses are similar , when it comes to things like modernisation and so forth it it 's duplicated a great deal of er er er of work and it is not cost efficient and it does n't make any common sense at all .
47 Indeed , the production of meaning is seen as an essential part of the activity of the text , and it is not subordinated to an ultimate signified .
48 The gang fled and it is not thought any were hit .
49 The Government is taking the money , and it is not paying it back to the people of Wiltshire .
50 Sharma v Knight [ 1986 ] 1 WLR 757 is authority for the proposition that jurisdiction conferred on county courts by statute is a general one and it is not restricted to the district in which proceedings should have been brought in accordance with Ord 4 , r 8 and that , if proceedings have been brought in the wrong county court , then the court nevertheless has jurisdiction to deal with the matter .
51 It could not be suggested that these justices in the instant case did not take time to consider the matter and it is not suggested , nor could it be , that they did not take a great deal of care in carrying out their duties .
52 It is not proposed that in every case a single indicator will suffice for a concept on every occasion , and it is not suggested that in every case an indicator will fully represent the concept it is to " stand for " .
53 If it has been dormant since the end of the previous financial year and it is entitled in respect of its individual accounts to the exceptions conferred on a small company by section 246 ( or would be so entitled but for being a member of an ineligible group ) and it is not required to prepare group accounts for that year , the resolution is effective if passed at a general meeting at which the accounts for that year are to be laid .
54 In Chambers , copy documents are not required in the High Court ( RSC Ord 32/21 ) , and it is not expected that they will be provided in the county court .
55 Only a three-yard stretch of the theatre has been unearthed , and it is not known whether any more will be excavated .
56 Damage was also very great in the mustelid samples , but in the one good sample from the pine marten the bones were less modified than in the canid samples , and it is not known at present which pattern is more typical of mustelids .
57 Unfortunately , the Palace had been forced to move to Herne Hill by the time the match against Bob 's old club , Croydon Common , was staged , and it is not known what arrangements were made on the players ' behalf .
58 Firstly , it is inadvisable to take remedies consisting of mixtures as no homoeopathic provings have been done on mixtures and it is not known whether the effects of these are different from the effects of their individual components .
59 It has no cellars in which material could have been stored for safety , and it is not known how much had been removed elsewhere .
60 Others were selected , and it is not known how , as the parish church for an area , in which the sacraments of baptism , marriage and burial were allowed .
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