Example sentences of "[v-ing] [conj] [pron] [is] [adv] " in BNC.

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31 Despite this apparent endorsement , SCO wo n't say whether it has even made a decision yet , suggesting that it is still trying to picture a future for OSF/1 , given the lack of industry support for it and the shadows cast by OSF 's re-focusing .
32 Now who will be responsible for seeing that it 's there ? ’
33 I suppose English critics will always work on the old lines , and try to get behind the book to quiz the author … instead of seeing that he is almost irresponsible , that it is the result of haphazard circumstances , and that the writer rubs his eyes and wonders how this and that got into his pages as much as the reviewer does .
34 It was a lunchtime event which proved most enjoyable , and people left realising that it 's not only the banks that can do something to cover themselves .
35 Realising that it is far too late in her life to expect her to do more than make an effort to modify this trait in her character , you should see if you can direct it away from the home .
36 Pretending that everything 's exactly the same as it was when you first came here .
37 Establishing that something is clearly wrong does not require going through the underlying reasoning .
38 Perhaps in her company you fade psychologically — you are so used to believing that she is more attractive that you cease to believe in your own abilities .
39 So , on the other hand , feminists want another kind of knowledge — based on believing that it is not enough to establish that Angelica Kauffman was productive and well respected in both difficult and popular forms of art .
40 go into a wedding , you go in believing that it is forever that 's it !
41 CPRW does not object to such an approach , believing that it is quite appropriate for planning officers to explore the potential for overall planning gain in specific cases .
42 Murray Johnstone , on the other hand , has moved away from the up-front commission structure , believing that it is more efficient for advisers to charge fees for their services .
43 Some highly skilled farmers , particularly in dry areas , prefer disc harrows to the plough , believing that it is never wise to invert the topsoil .
44 Always exercise gently to begin with , building up gradually over a period of time and remembering that there is never any need to strain yourself .
45 a dog 's better looking than she is so you 're in with a chance !
46 Yet the high-momentum electrons and positrons observed must eventually be explained somehow and it is perhaps worth remarking that it is not new in physics for novel phenomena to be observed when looking for something else .
47 Are you implying that it 's not very long been in this country ?
48 concerts and things , but you can , you can tell , with just , just by listening that it 's not just any old body tinkling on the piano , it 's wonderful , it makes you sick .
49 It is very important to keep on happy and good terms with the family that are living and it is extremely sad when the death of a parent who loved all the children should be an unwitting source of family rifts .
50 You must tell your partner to stop pushing if it is too painful .
51 Everybody hates a bad leaver but , whereas in the West you can usually close the door on a guest who has finally reached the garden gate , in the islands it is impolite to stop waving and chanting until he is either round a corner and out of sight , or else too distant to be able to see the whites of his eyes .
52 No he 's alright looking but he 's just boring .
53 When he opens his mouth , a valve closes to prevent him swallowing when he 's underwater , and he could have ejected that medicine if he had wanted to . ’
54 It 's a word which everyone is using and it 's almost like confetti .
55 These costs of consent to political authority suggest that , on instrumental grounds , consent can only be held binding if it is so qualified that its effect is almost entirely confined to reinforcing independently existing obligations to obey .
56 These whiskers are sensitive not only to touch but to taste , so the fish can tell what on the river bed in front of its mouth is worth eating and what is not .
57 it 's stopped raining and it 's not raining or anything .
58 Equally straitened is Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp , which reported plunging profits that were still better than forecast : it is cutting its bonus for executives by 20% in the year to March 31 1994 , Reuter reports from Tokyo , adding that it is also considering reducing bonuses for senior managers as well as stopping increases of wages of those above section manager ; the company sees intense competition .
59 Key features of Sun Microsystems Inc 's SunOS have also been incorporated into the new release , Esix says , adding that it is also conformant with IEEE P1003.1 Posix .
60 A confirmed five-string user , John agrees to try the Pedulla , adding that he 's really no fan of Bartolini pickups , having tried them before and found them not to his taste .
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